The update that destroyed SM

We all hope that Super Mechs will change, but we never thought it was for bad, this update brought its pros and cons and I would stress them for those who think this update is good, I will make you think otherwise.


  • Finally turned the colors!!1!1
    -A new system of improvements.
    -Mechs revolution.
    -New items.
    -The levels.
    -New visualizations.

1.-We all asked for the colors to come back, right? and here they are! But I do not know what Tactic thinks, that a simple color costs up to 100 tokens, when before it only cost 7,000 Coins. (I put the target because it is the most ridiculously expensive)

2.-Improvements improved our lives by simply increasing the statistics of an item, but wait Do you have enough money to improve what you want? No one, if they can lower the prices or remove them because I want to get rid of my 500 more items and I can not because I can not get the money fast. This system of improvement for money is fine but do something.

3.-The evolutions for me, were the best but nobody can pay that amount. 50,000 !? That is certainly an exaggeration, think of those with low levels who just want to evolve and improve mechs.

4.-These items are attractive, but how can one buy them directly? You can not buddy! Return colors at an exaggerated cost and can not put a simple store. 12/10 Tacticsoft.

5.-150 levels is not bad, on the contrary is fine, but do you know how much it will cost to reach if you want to level 50? The campaign and the multiplayer are a challenge and the update does not help. The rewards are not the best as before they gave you boxes, tokens, mythical etc. Now just expand the inventory a little.

6.-The visualizations are good and I will not criticize them are pretty. <3

-The users.

  • The cost of things.

1.- The multiplayer before was a challenge but now it is impossible, if you are a ranking lower than your opponent, let me tell you that you already lost. The damage of the items and the short life can not be combined is like water and oil. (Think of the low level)

2.-The exaggerations vary for example:

  • The tokens, the poor tokens we all gathered because they were a relic and now are like coins.
  • Etc … (It gives me laziness to write xd)

3.- If you thought the campaign was difficult with bosses and hard and insane missions, they are now literally impossible. With a single mission they are able to destroy you in a short time, it is very nice looks that gave the bosses but its power Is exaggerated they have almost everything to the maximum and their minions do not help, imagine going against BigBoy (Finally) and suddenly you see 4 bosses 2 tanks and 2 buggies, think how long it will take you to beat them and think how many times you will die and if you do not know Every time you die it costs like 20 tokens to revive you

4.- The users are very op just look at your mech and compare them with theirs and think about what levels their stuff is. You are an ant next to the top 10. (Unless you are one of them, I repeat think of the low level)

5.- Tacticsoft simply raffled it with the increase of money, it is simply very difficult to reach even 20,000 in 2 or 3 days, and not counting the achievements. Lower prices is almost impossible to get rid of things or buy them. It’s very tedious

6.- Everything and many more things brought these updates, Goodbye SM will miss you. </ 3

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I totally agree with you this update has screwed up SM, it makes me want to NOT PLAY SM, it makes me hate it, do these things to make me like SM again, return the old currency, make all the boxes/parts purchasable, fix the problems mentioned in the main thread

Love, Police Doggo

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