The Truth About Daily Missions


They are boring, i think everybody thought it was like ‘Every Day A Different Mission!’ But it just restart the “missions” everyday… Seriously i think no one cares for those missions, i’s something that need to be changed soon.


  • I agree.
  • No, the actual daily missions system it’s fine.

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  • Defeat 2 hard missions.
  • Win 10 Ladder Battles.
  • Get a mythical item from an Mix Box.
  • Play for 1 hour.
  • Do 2 stomp combos in Ladder Battles
  • Win 3 Ladder Battles using weapon(A mythical weapon from Player Inventory choosen by server.)

Do you got my point? Are missions that steal players’ time… Make’em to be online for a good period of time. :slight_smile:

I have more ideas but i don’t want to make it so big, that’s my idea for a new Daily Missions System.



Are you serious about this


Isn’t that hard :stuck_out_tongue:


I am bored of those daily mission but I like that Token rewarding mission

Although I don’t play it now just log in to get the daily reward


That only happens once


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I agree that missions are boring, because its the same thing every day. But for reward of 10 tokens, its not that bad. If you are not paying any money to the game, every token is welcomed.
But honestly, I think that your suggestions are too hard. And the most important thing, they would take a lot time to complete. Some of us dont have that time, so it will only make it harder.
I hope you understand me, some of us have a life beside this game, jobs, schools, etc…
Anyway, I support any change that will help the game to become better. :slight_smile:


Actual in forums we only take about this game
This is a game forum not a social networking site
And it is hard but this is the job of the developers to make this game better


Wanna make daily missions better ? Each finished mission list will reward you with a silver box that you can stock pile in your inventory .


I understand. But we arent robots. The game is supposed to be fun, to help you relax or to kill spare time, not waste time.
Im just saying that more and more people keep quit and quit, so if that isnt sending message to developers… I dont think this will.
Im already stopped playing, its just the matter of time when I will quit too. for example.


i agree.


Yep that’s true but I think that they are trying that’s why I am still here . I will leave and join another game community when I see no hope


I think pretty much the similar thing, they just need to listen to the players more, and to judge which sugesstions are the best for the game. Also, to fix the bugs, ban the cheaters, put rewards for top 6 clan, and etc…


@Sarah247 said that after balancing they will discuss about these
I hope SuperMechs will be fun again :slight_smile: