The Training Mech We Need Back!

ya’ll remember that training mech in legacy to see how much damage you are able to do? we need that back as like a permanent option, have a new build? test it. maybe you could modify the mech like how much health it has or stuff like that. anyways i really liked the training mech back in the old days and would love to see him return.


godmode? Titan could be the new training mech

nah that blue one, it played a pretty small role in the game it had infinite HP i think and woudn’t attack you, you had limited turns so the game did have an end


It was pretty dope,it would also give you rewards. It did have 2 weapons I remember but it didn’t use them (what a nice guy).


3x3 campaign is the best training… the statistics of mechs in the hard and insane modes, in most cases exceeds what we can made (and I dont spend tokens in revive), but it serves to know what our limit is.


Is training is even needed ? the only “training” you will need is knowing when to alter plat plates and resist modules on your tripple magma mech to adapt to the current arena’s counter environment and you are all set.


You would also need to know which mechs will be picked and play against the odds when you picked wrong. It’s not all about items but they do play a big role but if you rely on items solely then you would see yourself losing to simple strategies such as moving. Not only that, map awareness as well, seeing which spot you are on, if you are near a corner which is important, especially against huggers and scopers.

But yeah what you said is a little bit true. Knowing when to change builds and to adapt to the current mechs that you face on your ranks is another point unless if you have a build that can fight and win against pretty much all enemies with the proper playstyle and RNG.

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