The traditional Gold Portal


Hello Pilots and Pilotess.
I present you our traditional Gold Portal : “The Gold Sparkle”.
Come get your free 45 tokens, and some gold.
Sadly no items will get droped as usual on these type of portals.

Ps: We can only hope for that Unicorn to come back.


jejejjeje i need gold


Uhm, again. Last item portal was on Dec 17…
Thanks for pointing out golden portal is here btw! :slightly_smiling_face:


for 2 weeks I have spent 3 million sm, I still have 1.5m I need a lot plus

thank you for preventing portal


it should not be like that? jejeje


why not?
I would love to see it like that… goldy sparkles for evryone!!!


When the next item portal exist…
I want a legendary portal that only get legendary from the box, better than unicorn portal


how the hel! do you have so much money/tokens


its very difficult , its called photoshop


so he trying to look good but is not


So yesterday we were talking about when we’d get another portal (forgot in which thread) and today we are finally given one!
Looks like good things happen every now and then,too.


Now an employee of the administration? :roll_eyes::laughing:
By the way, is in the news again silence - I only learned here on the forum. :smirk:

and there is no fuel-special thanks to wise developers.


Silent strategy for us to spend tokens in refills


Nope.I’m getting those tokens then I’m outta here.


haha I thought the same, you need to know he is a little bit confused by himself about :exclamation:



On the other hand, you don´t have any confusion.

You are very aware of everything you do, why, and for whom you do it.


Exactly :exclamation:

Best sentence you ever wrote :exclamation:



hmmm… :roll_eyes: spend tokens on getting tokens?raptor.jpg :crazy_face:
Although I do not see where to spend them with meaning and useful outcome :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But he informed us in a timely manner. :point_up:


Almost a quote from Alice by Lewis Carroll. Maybe you will think and will write a sequel? :eyes:


sick ctrl+v and lag meng


To a good listener, few words are enough.

Write that down too.