The token wasting tactics

the new sale going on says “chance to win legendary, special chance to win armor destroyer” . i knew it was going to be a trick. since i am a ‘play for free’ player , i am not getting that many tokens either, so tokens are not of much use to me(unless i get 100s of it) ; so i clicked the button and guess what turned up----a lousy epic ‘squinch’ drone. 75 tokens gone. it was better to buy 50000 gold with 50 tokens.

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Most players recommend saving up for premium packs and usually/only when those are on sale. Going for a 75 token box is worthless. Even with deals (imo).

But yeah, call it a mistake. Just know don’t buy the 75 token box (Unless they somehow in the future give stupidly good stuff from those exact boxes).

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u sure premium packs have a guarantee

They’re guaranteed to give you 5 epics and a chance at a legendary or more (if you’re lucky). But what I’m saying is, Do. Not. Waste. Your. Tokens. On. The. 75. Token. Box.

It really is not worth it. Premium packs (while on sale), give more and are worth the “slashed” as I’ll call it price. But now that I reread your post, (for the 5th time), only the 75 token pack has the chance of getting it. Albeit it with terrible RNG. (My apologies btw, I completely forgot there was a sale for those specific boxes only). I can see I mislead you a bit, I’m sorry. But don’t even bother (unless you have tons of tokens) to buy those boxes. Either save them up (armor destroyer if I recall is a garbage (imo) phys wep).

Hopefully you understand, far too tired to summerize it. lol

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The armor destroyer/annihilator isn’t that bad. It has low weight and can decrease the phys resistance of your opponent. As you know physicals are supossed to deal a ton of damage on the opponent’s phys resistance and hp.

i get it, i get it ----------------------will consider it, the next time i think about buying

Wait a minute…

In the news the said you have an increased chance to get the new “zarkares” torso but if you look at the box description it says: special chance for the armor destroyer.
So which chance has been increased? “zarkares” or armor destroyer?

I noticed that as well, I would advise buying any of those boxes until it’s been confirmed that you have a “special chance” at getting the new torso.

And to the OP, apologies for being confusing. Just don’t waste tokens on these boxes (they can be more useful another time).

Yeah, don’t bother buying the 75 token boxes, even with special deals on the premium pack saves 40 tokens (premium pack gives 5 epics for 335 premium box gives one epic for 75)
75x5=375 (5 epics for 375 tokens)


noticed. will watchout from now on