The time has come. #SMreloaded is LIVE!


Yea if u remember after boxes price update many players get more 400mils coins, like rising, fang etc.
And i think its more 1000+ accounts. Maybe many of this guys left game before update so we dont see their.


really now? do tell me more… how 400m that transformed into let’s say 40m get’s you all that stuff… use math.


In first login u can exchange 1.500.000 on 1 premium box. Now use ur math and count how many boxes will come out of 400 mills… Goodness…


Gonna write something here cuz why not :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes … I saw a video from him where he had 100 Premium boxes from Converter (ok, seems he had that much SM Credits), BUT with …

  • same acocunt
  • same tokens
  • same Gold

… he opend another +80 Premium boxes !

If someone could please explain me how that works, I want to do that also !




stupid update!FUCKED UP


do not do the special … we all go through the same thing is always the option to leave


Chill out bruh


Tbh, Supermechs was kind of boring before the update.


Hey,let’s move on,forget this thing.

Also why did you revive this thread


it kind of was with all the mythical items


Can you guys still believe this happened?

Yeah me neither


I just missed the party lmao.


I am just reading comments again and feeling the anger/pain mix


This update turned Supermechs into a p2w game lol.

Even tha last “Balance update” wasn’t even balanced. Just the nerf of EMP and Heat Bomb which rendered them from OP to useless.


Oh snap! How did I miss this thread?!? Guys, thanks for dredging this up!


Fun fact: I played the game for about half a year 5 years ago, and then remembered it this august. I decided to log on just to check itout to see if it was still fun, and for nostalgia reasons.
The day I logged on was august 25th.
The update was released 5 days earlier, I had no idea about it until January,
Funny, isnt it?


That’s a long time you didn’t realize you got H bombed.


I have been trying to find my old SM account for a while, just to remember, but I cant.


Ah, time to get my hands dirty reading the infamous Reloaded update.