The Support of incompetence


I find quite frequently this game gets a lot of praise for doing very basic and expected. sometimes they can’t even do that right. things like renewing a security certificate and well making the game damn work and not look like amateur hour crap. for example quite a few times they can’t even design a chat correctly with a lot of thing that are really needed like in global it is scammers and spammers the bloody musical. and sometimes the rows are off by one making it very difficult to interact with 1v1 invites and such and for a game that has been running for 6 years and has not ironed out these problems and yet still we have to pat them on the back for the most basic and mundane things that should be done anyway. and the subject of game balance is just … redundant it has went straight back to the old days of the metal shredders and dev swarm builds now it is just duel Annihilation mechs with un-beatable cooling and heat. the list goes on and on but honestly address these problems rather than constantly adding things that are virtually useless. but again if we have to pat them on the back for them to keep the game going i won’t expect them to improve basic things.


Define ‘‘basic things’’ please


Having a decent chat system
Having decent game balance
having an friends system
enforcing some actual bloody rules


It’s hard to tell if you are actually English or pretending to be.


im so sorry britsh dude but this might be my favorite comment…


Indeed I am British. I just don’t think I need to impress anyone here at all. The idea is to get my point across and that is it.


There is a chat.

The Game is well balanced , ~85% agree that it is balanced.

Why do you need friends in this game? go outside and play tag.

There are ToS , read them if you need rules.


And magically, everyone hates TS now…?


The rules are not enforced are they though ?


They actually are , you can get warned/banned if you break them multiple times


Yes, and I am from Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.


I am not getting joy out of this. the point is that improvement is needed on what we have.
And it is dumb that we have to pat them on the back for basic things.


Adition to this post: I drink tea and contribute to every possible stereotype about Brits.


What is there something wrong about wanting something improved ?


Gotta agree on this.


Got anything else in your pocket than insults lad ? or???


I’m just saying that nothing you said will get done because:

TS is a small company with few employees

They don’t listen to us usually.

I wish that what you said was true, but it won’t happen in a timely matter.


Because you want hate. And balancing a whole matchmaking system is not a small thing. Is HUGE. And a server crash is not a small thing either.


I was being sarcastic you pleb.


Lets try to keep a past thread from re-occuring itself and not insult…that goes for both of you