The struggles of a newbie

Hey guys, it’s Bluzy! And I haven’t posted in a while, so it’s good to be back. :slight_smile: (Been away for the past 2-3 months). So yeah, I’m glad to see all the negativity sparking up in the forums lately, and of course you guys. Anyways, before I get carried away from the main idea of this topic, it’s about how hard it is for newbies to start in this game. Even I who is an experienced player, so to speak, is struggling as well. (I re-rolled because why not?)

So here are the important points that most of you already know that I’ll emphasize:

  1. It’s nearly impossible to acquire reliable items. (It’s possible though, but it’s an extremely slim chance)
  2. The level required to unlock modules is just ridiculous.
  3. Match up is unbalanced. (I’ll show a series of photos of proof later)
  4. Transforming/fusing is a little expensive.

I’ll tell you a little background of my experience as a “newbie”. In the first times I’ve started this re-roll, I quite enjoyed it. But once I reached ranks 13 and up, s### went down. I started facing people with mechs… like these:

My energy gets easily drained, and I’m basically a sitting duck.

"Oh Bluzy you scrublord, put on energy modules!"
I would but I don’t have decent energy modules, let alone enough module slots.

Progress is also a little slow. I pretty much lose every battle I enter and rarely win. Campaign is starting to get harder, and re-doing missions is boring. However, I still am trying to progress, and even though seeing the problems above, I still enjoy my re-roll for some reason. :slight_smile:

But here’s a major problem. Actual first timers will end up quitting because of the stated issues above. So getting a bigger playerbase is not likely until they do something.

PS. The league boxes are nice, but a more balanced match up is even nicer. :wink:


I owe you one, Bluzy! Thank you for posting the perspective of a lower-level player! If I post my concerns, everyone says “we are all happy, stop the crappy negativity, you pessimist ass”. See, guys, not everyone is happy! @Sarah247, I guess it is something worth including in the QA session with the dev team? Don’t you think?


I was away 6 time n this is my 7 time im back.
I Dont know when ill quit again or ban for spam.
My low lvl mech only capable to grind ramboy
Ramboy drops no boxes many time. (Sad update for f2p)
Ramboy drops common boxes often for me. ( god hate me)
I have only 1 @MAX torso.
To gain 10 token everyday i have to beg my opponent please let me win but he beat me anyway. Ppl are merciless.

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Grind the campaign and focus on upgrading a decent core (there are even some good ones that can be found at rare). It takes a little time, but that’ll close the HP/heat/energy gap.

However, things really don’t change much. As you move up the ranks, you’ll continue to play vs mechs significantly stronger than you until you’re mostly maxed/mythical.

@Bluz lose every single star and just fight low ranks go even lower then rank 12

Believe it, I’ve had this thought. I just didn’t do it because it’s a ridiculous thing to do. But it’s not a bad idea either. However, this won’t get me anywhere since I also get my ass handed to people that are lower ranked than I am. So intentionally lowering my rank wouldn’t work. :confused:

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It’s always nice to hear from you bluz, appreciate the perspective. You’re one tough cookie though, I’m sure you’ll crack your way into the top ranks soon enough. Just keep completing those daily missions and collecting the daily rewards would be my advice.

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@Bluz It would work lose on purpose to get your rank to 0, I haven’t done it because i’m not struggling.

Hello Bluz! Welcome back.

Normally, I would give advice on grinding campaign because the boss missions drop decent gold and good items.

However, the recent update made that suck. You only get decent gold from campaign, with the occasional item box drop.

Equipment is upgradable. Save up on gold so you can get to make your current setup better.

The module lock is ridiculous, and that is probably what is making things harder. No other way around it other than levelling up.

Also, stay clear away from the LEGACY CONVERTER. Not until you have reviewed all your legacy modules and special items (teleport, hooks, push items)

And don’t upgrade power kits.

I think I covered most of the important things, unless I missed a few…

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i comeback 3 weeks ago and i have to say you need to farm like crazy xD also im on rank 5-8 depending on the day of the week xD
the game its pretty easy for newbies the point here its that it isnt popular so newbies find frustrating oponents and devs dont make the game more attractive to f2p to make it bigger

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If the game is not popular to “noobs” (let’s agree that the most boring campaign can not be) and “pro” play very little or have left …

In the end only the 10 who buy a lot and the cheaters will be left. And with that, it’s not going anywhere

My father always said “if there is something that works, don´t touch it!” And before, with its ups and downs, it worked.


lets be honest the game its more like a big beta than a complete game
the prices to patreon the game are too hight for what we got
you cant chose what to buy/farm its basically based on luck and improvisation than on a strategy
this game is more frustration than joy im still here because i like the idea of “making” my own mech and because its the only turn based game that doesnt need my full atention on pc since my phone get broken some days ago
actually the game “first look” problems are that like strategy turn based is nearly good but like mechs game its less attractive by its dynamics and animations so newbies doesnt know how to be better unless they keep a month trying
when u enter to a game like this you hope to see colecting pieces to fuse great weapons and give u a way to select what to farm
but here we got a pay and prey system


The true saying is "Don’t try to fix what ain’t broke"
there is also the good old KISS “Keep it simple STUPID”

It seems TS failed to follow either age old saying… :smiling_imp:

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