The Spotlight Challenge!


Anyone who can screenshot a picture of me (WinzKay) on this here video spotlight, I will reward with the largest and most generous sum of 10 tokens.

If it’s of me winning, and you can prove it then I will give you a new sum of 10.000001 tokens!! (which you can’t give less than a whole token so rounded to the nearest token is 10 tokens)

Anyone else who wishes to find themselves on the spotlight can post below and maybe also give a reward…but you don’t have to


damn it…
“Honey!!! Bring on the red panties!!!I made it big!!! 10 Tokens!!!.. I can now buy TS!!!”




then this happened:


Which one is you?
(And is this just for a joke cuz April Fools day passed already.)
33 AM
Besides. Remember yesterday’s topic?
25 PM


Nah, I really want to find myself on there but it won’t show my own replays to me so only outsiders can see them


Watch some of your fights then wait a bit on the “battle” screen and you’ll see your fights pop up. I tend to see mine very often after watching them myself.


Maybe he will pay himself the ten tokens?


You can see yourself?


Yes, typically after watching my own replays. There were times were after a few hours, I’d go back to the pvp screen and see my fights as well. Guess it depends? idk

I also see other peoples fights (all of them) after having seen some of their replays.


Thanks for the tip… I’ll be on the lookout