The SOLUTION to the Item Limit is clear

We need to throw tokens to the game… :frowning:

Fortunate for me, I do not have a lot of items now, thanks to the incident I had with the toilet— err legacy converter which flushed all my mythicals down the drain. The few hundreds left of my inventory got slowly fused away.

In the end, I got stuck with 6 mechs (3 legacy mechs) and an inventory of upgrade materials.

I tossed in a few tokens. I think I bought 4 sets? I need to pay up 45 tokens now to get additional space.

Still short a few item slots.

I had to make a very tough decision. I need to disassemble my legacy mechs.

I disassembled my legacy mechs modules, so they are mostly for show now, and lastly… I had to get rid of my HORROR mech. I fused away its weapons and modules.

I kept the torso, though, so I can show them to @Fluxeon every Halloween… Too bad, though, because we can no longer get resistance drainers anymore. :slight_smile:

Well, I figured the cost of tokens I sunk into clearing more inventory space will be earned back by the daily token rewards, but this means I still have problems. I only have to get commons/rares so I can easily fuse them, and not get any epics at the moment. If I keep getting epics, I would have to make difficult decisions in clearing more inventory space.

I would probably have bought less inventory space if I decided to scrap all of my legacy mechs - but I am stubborn and wanted to keep some for old time’s sake.

Is this the SOLUTION? Is the answer throwing wallets to screens? What about players with THOUSANDS of inventory? The update really did a number on veterans.


That’s no “SOLUTION”… that’s a big joke.

Come back when you come up with actual solutions please. :confused:

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I probably would… if I was personally involved with development.

I think April Fools came early again this year… :confused:

Today I reached over one hundred boxes !

Do you buy stuff on this game?

Nope. Free-to-play. Tokens come from daily challenge and campaign, and the occasional ad.

Best solution for clearing items for low gold is fusing them into common items, then fusing those into other items. It’s cheap and wastes a lot of upgrade power.

Now if you insist in keeping all your items to fuse in a useful way later, that’s a different story.

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I converted all my items and im stuck with 800 booster kits, had 1000 at one point. looking at my inventroy ill get out og items to boost befor i get ride of all the kits. So what am i supose to do??


You’re stuck then. There is nothing you can do except buying item slots

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Buying gold would be better, And fuse em away

Well, you did say you will be out of boostable items before you run out of power kits

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I am stuck! I have 915 kits and nothing to fuse them into. I have 45 unopened boxes but cannot open them due to item limit. I have the gold to fuse all kits… I guess I will sit here and eat ice cream until I get a reprieve on item limit .

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For me they will have to extend the quantity indicators for my unclaimed boxes because the way it’s going they will easily catch up to my inventory of 3500. The indicators numbers are already cut off in the little bars.

Maybe TS will get a clue some day realizing that this limitation slows down or stops box purchases along with bothering with the game at all having to deal with this BS every day. I didn’t even bother thinking about the recent premium box sale because of this lockout issue.

Hell even if you just cut the price down on buying inventory slots will help a lot and especially get rid of the dam price hike every time slots are purchased.

I think that what was badly designed when setting the inventory limit is that it was made retroactive, that is, it included items prior to the date of update.

When you take a retroactive measure it´s always for benefit of people. Common sense indicates that you will never take a retroactive action if it does not favor anyone, by the simple reason that people are not prepared for it. Before the update we were never told that accumulating items was wrong.

Therefore, the fastest and most effective solution would be (as I said in another topic), that the legacy or the kits in which they have been converted, will be outside the inventory limit. You can save them or use them to fuse or do whatever you want with them.

The inventory limit should only be for items created from the date of the update.

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I lost a month of potential fusion time and now I have no way to catch up. My ice cream is melting

Stuff it in the freezer, what are you waiting for?

An item limit fairy that will float down and give me a short reprieve … I will reward said fairy with safe haven in my beard. We will giggle and laugh and roam the country side scaring unsuspecting farmers with the ole hidden fairy in the beard trick. It’s a real rib tickler…

Maybe if you wash your beard first… the fairy will consider.

There is 100 more slots now lol



They also included an extra 100 on the token toll if you want 5 more slots = 125 tokens for 5 slots and cost will most likely increase every time OMFG!!!
:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

Is that a joke, or they really did ??? Please dont tell me that they really did that !?

I think more the costs of tokens for 5 more items in inv jumped to the number (+100), which would it cost there anyways !