The SM WhatsApp Group


So, since we’re kinda restricted here with some conversational aspects. And for those who are comfortable with it, I would like to start an SM WhatsApp group. If anybody else wants to run it then I’m fine with that, just mention this in the thread, then we can run a poll and see who should be the boss.

We can also work out how the numbers will be databased and added.

  • Great idea, I’m in!
  • Errr …no thanks.

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Wouldn’t discord be a better platform for people to use for this type of thing?


Please do not start posting your numbers in this thread…


What is a SM WhatsApp group




LOL No! It would be via PM or something. It would be more for laughs and trolling than serious discussions though …bear this in mind.


WhatApp is a text message platform, sorta like Messenger, Discord, Teamspeak (i think never used this pos).

Mr.E wishes to speak of topics that typically can’t/usually wouldn’t be spoken of here without consequences.

join at your own discretion.


Actually, it’s more for the social aspect. And for when people need someone to talk to instantly. I really don’t see how this is a bad thing.


there already is a sm discord server


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It’s just a “do it if you feel safe to do so” type of thing. I meant no offense with my original post.


SPOILER :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
we know


Honestly, I can’t get that crap to work. And besides, EVERYONE has WhatsApp?


WhatsApp needs you to give away your personal contact details (mobile phone no.)… Discord doesn’t.


Yeah , but we dont want someone from this game to know our phone numbers <.<


It’s just a phone number LOL. But anyway looks like this is not going to be a thing.


The discord is pretty good. Worth the effort of joining. The reason I dont want to join the Whattsapp is that it gives away my personal number and I dont want random calls :slight_smile:


you dont know how many bad things you can do to someone if you know their phone number.


Maybe provide the details for the server, then I can join. Thanks


click this


There is something called BLOCK. It’s the real name that could be a problem. I never put that on WhatsApp, I use initials or a nick.