The SM matchmaking system

So due to the recent topic made by Wepwawet a discussion about ways to stop higher level players from unfairly butchering noobs arose.

An idea that I’ve come up with is that we try to merge the old matchmaking system with the current one, hear me out.

The old matchmaking system would match players based on their gear, so let’s say you have an underdeveloped mech, then the only match would be with another underdeveloped mech. The way this will stop higher lvl players from ruining the experience for the noobs is that the only way to get matched with a bad mech is for your own mech to be bad.

If we give every item a power level we can make matchmaking based on that, hear me out.

lvl 1 common = 1 power level

lvl 1 rare = 11 power levels

lvl 1 epic = 31 power levels

lvl 1 legendary =61 power levels

lvl 1 myth =101 power levels

The way it works is that it adds 1 power level for each level of the item and then the max level for the rarity below.

Example: Lvl 1 rare will be power level 11 because max level common is 10 and the item is level 1, so 10 + 1 = 11

Same for others.

So we could make matches be based on this, but to still keep the competetive spirit up for people who wanna be the best we integrate it with the current ranking system.

So 1 win = 1 star, however your rank will have minimal effect on matchmaking because power level takes care of it. But a rank 1 can still be matched with rank 20 but because both mechs are underdeveloped it will give the rank 20 a chance.

This way newbies can play with bad mechs without fearing the possibility of facing a gargantuan monster that they in no way can deal with also the player will be able to reach rank 1 with common items because of the matchmaking, but they will be rank 1 because of absolute skill.


Nice fitting maths… I like it.

But I see some effects of this new formula

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Could you please state the effects? :grinning:

So if I fill my whole mech with the lightest L-M weapons then I could have the highest power level which either means I will never find an oponent or I can be the best/worst… I don’t know, I feel like poeple can find loop holes and exploits in it that I can’t think up right now

Level 50 myth= 150 power level
Level 1 green card= 151 power level
Level 100 green card= 250 power level
Level 1 black card= 251 power level
Level 999 black card= 999 power level
Level 50 myth+ 10 myth cost 1000000 coin=green card
Level 100 green card+ 20 green card cost 1000 tokens = black card
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I’m crazy

I LOVED the old matchmaking system, totally agree that that would be the best, BUT …


now waiting time for battles between 1 - 5 minutes sometimes, 5 - 15 minutes often, 15 - 35 minutes sometimes

  • the waiting time would double or more

  • playerbase get smaller and smaller because of great things like item limit where we were never given the promised long term solution (just one example out of many)

  • clans played +10000 wins before SM reloaded, now only 2000 - 3000 (also because of the SM reloaded changes)

So matchmaking would be even more horrible, than this example (after I waited more than 20 minutes) …

If SM reloaded again

I just got an idea, what if we then divide the power level based on the amount of items equipped?

So let’s say 50 power level per item. (as an example)

2 items = 100 / 2 = 50 power

3 items = 150 /3 = 50 power

And because you equipped the lighter parts (which tend to have lower stats) your mech won’t necceserily be better just because you got more weapons.


New melee physical weapon


I like this a lot!
How about based on gear AND rank altogether?
Even tho,using this would be very useful.
Strong agree from me.

So 6 myths = 606… divide by 6? equals 101? which is the same as 5 myths = 505 / by 5 = 101

Why not add also @HateBlueMechs that a player cant rejoin the clan once it left it until the seasson reset.
This will prevent the imoral tactic that Betsy and Co employs atm.
Just as a countermeassure.


The reason I want to make it only based gear is because otherwise like besty stated matchmaking would take too long, I mean it already took her 20+ minutes to get a match.

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Nice idea @HateBlueMechs


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Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

It doesnt take that long.
Usualy after max 1-2 mins you get a match in 1v1.
The problem comes in 2v2 and 3v3. But that is because there arent many players that play 2v2 and 3v3.
That is why i stoped playing 2v2 and 3v3 and play 1v1.
For the long waiting time in 2v2 and 3v3 there is nothing we can do, just wait for the player base to increase.

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I see… So the final range is looking to be 0 power to Max power tier of 101.
Everyone inbetween gets the same power level or give or take a few

Matchmaking should be based on the total power of the mech.
But if you do that you will have the league sistem rendered useless.
The matchmaking will no longer look at rank and stars, will look for power.
And this is where it get triky.
Some builds use 4-5 wepons, while other just 3.
Some builds have 8 modules, while others just 5-6.
There is a clear difference in power if you dont have the same nr of items equiped.

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So We came up with the plan above ^^^

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