The Shawshank Redemption


Do any of you see this movie ? if not i highly recommend it.

Its about young man who gets in trouble and goes to jail, but one day he does the prison guards a solid and make them all more money…then he made a deal that they all get two beers.


Today i will be andy and give tacticsoft a idea to make more money :slight_smile: but if they use this idea I want our 2 easter boxes we never got…for everybody!

Ok idea is this…if you go look at your replays…supermech already have these captured for replay…you can watch them back.

but a lot of games you can just push button and it uploads to youtube automatically for you. Then all you gotta do is fix the thumbnail and boom free link and content for supermechs. I would tell you the names of games that actually have it but honestly idk but i know some game have it for sure. This will create 100000’s thousand backlinks on youtube alone. You already got it captured, just need a upload to youtube button.

Do erin get you that many backlinks ?

@Sarah247 @Gaurav @erin


Wow this idea is great :exclamation:

That will make Supermechs even more famous :exclamation:

Every Youtuber will love this feature :exclamation:


AND tacticsoft will have a lot more players (and money) :exclamation:



Its pain in butt now to pull them off and put them back up…

Look at youtube api’s and i bet they have tool for you :slight_smile:


Is that?
Morgan Freeman?


Yes very young Morgan Freeman


That idea is really great, like the Google Play feature to share the gameplay results via different social networks :exclamation:

For SuperMechs YouTube would be the best platform to do :exclamation:



Interesting idea, I like it. Although the movie plug in the beginning really belongs in ‘off-topic’…

Just Saying


Well i always try to add a little extra to my post :slight_smile:

and i want those 2 boxes


I heard devs @Sarah247 and @Mohadib like this idea a lot :exclamation:




I hope so, right now the video captures people use show grainy video or not very good quality. This would seriously make them a lot of money in the long run.

Plus it takes to long to download and upload. With the API system…just push a button. Perfect quality video :slight_smile:


and we will be famous xD


Yes, that feature would help SuperMechs a lot to become more famous :exclamation: