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Scrin Infantry

The Concept art.

An elite Scrin (an alien race) infantry from the ‘Command and Conquer’ series capable of mind controlling other organisms. Also armed with a disintegrator for self defense.


Masterminds, like many Scrin units, resemble insects and have a rounded shape that makes them physically larger but no taller than a human. The name of these rarely-encountered alien units is derived from their unique abilities that were initially believed to be derived from extreme psychic acuity, but now has been confirmed to be caused by a piece of Scrin technology known as a “Manipulator Device.”

Once in range of an enemy unit - or even an enemy building, bar automated turrets - Masterminds are able to take control of it, no matter how many humans are inside, and turn it against its own side. This way Masterminds have induced panic among attacking GDI forces when their mighty Mammoth_27 have suddenly turned and fired upon their former comrades. It should be noted that Masterminds are only able to control a single unit at a time, and this command will be lost if the Mastermind itself is killed - however, the distance between the controlled unit and the Mastermind once the mind-link has been established appears to be of no consequence. The Manipulator Device is so effective that the Foreman can take control of an enemy Construction yard and build a Crane near their Drone Platform so they can use their enemies’ own weapons against them.

In addition, Masterminds have also been witnessed Teleport small groups of Scrin units instantaneously from one point of the battlefield to another. This ability is apparently unhindered by the size of the unit being transported. If the Mastermind can go into an Eradicator Hexapod, it grants the Eradicator’s ability to teleport.

Despite the fear of these units, even the Scrin themselves cannot deploy them as widely as initially believed. Masterminds are not cheap units, so they would be deployed only in the most extreme or dire circumstances.

(Concept art)

This is a concept art of the Disintegrator fr9m the Command and Conquer series. It was previously named Razor Drones.


The Disintegrators were metallic creatures with insectoid legs and a head in the shape of a gun. Apparently, they were bio-mechanical constructs designed specifically for anti-armor purposes. They were able to decimate enemy vehicles using a powerful cutting beam fired from their head. When crushed, they explode, damaging enemies in the vicinity.

(Concept Art)

They are engineers of the alien world. They repair damaged structures and captures neutral/enemy buildings.


The Assimilators are bio-mechanical constructs designed to assimilate alien technologies. Similar to human engineers, they are capable of repairing friendly structures, as well as capturing structures and walker husks, even those of human origin. When immobile, they are capable of turning invisible.



Deployed in packs of three, the troopers are responsible for devastating attacks on Earth’s cities in the early stages of the invasion. Each shock trooper is a large, rounded, insect-like techno-organic construct roughly the size of a small car. Like other Scrin infantry, Shock Troopers appear to have been tailored for combat using advanced alien bio-engineering technology.

Shock troopers are armed with a beam weapon by default, which is capable of taking on light human ground vehicles. When upgraded with plasma discs, they are even more dangerous and are able to attack aircraft.

Furthermore, they can be upgraded with Blink pack that allow them to teleport instantaneously from one point on the battlefield to another within a short distance. Traveler 59 shock troopers are automatically equipped with Blink pack, since the Traveler Sect mostly concentrate on speed. Reaper 17 can use the reinforcement ability Shock Pods, which deploys three veteran Shock Trooper squads to any location on the map instantly, via Blink Packs.



The Ravager is an elite assault “infantry” used by the Scrin. Hurling lethal shards of green Tiberium, they can quickly defeat most infantry and even threaten lightly-armored vehicles. While their Tiberium Agitation ability wreaks havoc on opposing economies by detonating Tiberium-based assets such as Harvesters. Like all Scrin infantry, they heal in Tiberium.

These creatures are quadrupedal biomechanical constructs that literally have green Tiberium crystals growing on them, and have been reported to be one of fastest Scrin units encountered to date.

The Ravager attacks by launching Tiberium shards at its targets at incredible speeds—an attack mechanism similarly observed, but even more potent than that found on [ Canis tiberius ]Tiberium Fiend. It has also been confirmed to have the ability to detonate Tiberium via a reaction similar to the one caused by Nod’s Catalyst missile.

Ravager squads under the Reaper 17 sect can be upgraded for Blue shards, whilst those under the Traveler-59 are known to be enhanced with Advanced articulators—increasing their speed to the point of being able to outrun most vehicles and infantry.


Scrin Vehicles



Gun walkers were Scrin bio-mechanical walkers encountered during the Third Tiberium War. Like many other Scrin units, they resemble an enormous insect and moves around on six legs. They carry a rapid-firing low-intensity energy gun highly effective against infantry and aircraft.

(2 concept arts)




Seekers are light Scrin hover tanks appearing from the Third Tiberium War. They act as Scrin main battle tanks.

Seekers are apparently designed for scouting and reconnaissance missions. Thanks to their ability to ‘glide’ over the battlefield, Seekers boast a high degree of speed and maneuverability. They are armed with plasma disc launchers (slightly weaker but similar to the stationary Photon Cannon that are effective against vehicles (in particular light vehicles) as well as aircraft, but less effective against infantry. Seekers are rather lightly armoured, making them ill-suited at taking out heavy vehicles such as tanks head-on without considerably superior numbers.



Devourer Tanks are the Scrin equivalent of the human main battle tank (as opposed to the lighter Seeker. They pack more firepower and range than both the Scorpion and the Predator and can charge its weapon with Tiberium for a devastating green beam. Unlike most human tanks, the Devourer lacks a turret and so must point its body in the direction in which it wishes to fire.

Unlike other Scrin armour, the Devourer appears designed after human heavy tanks, albeit without a turret, but with higher range and speed.

Like Seekers, Devourers hover over the battlefield, but they are slower and more heavily armoured. Unlike the Seeker, Devourers are capable of moving sideways if necessary, in order to keep the proton cannon aimed at a target. This makes up for their lack of turret.



The Mechapede is a Scrin walker unit from the Third Tiberium War, determined to be an “advanced customizable biotank” according to GDI InOps.

The Mechapede closely resembles a Terran millipede or centipede, though it is exponentially larger. Its speed is faster than even a Seeker, and can fire in any direction. However, it can not move in reverse.

(2 concept arts)

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