The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


@cyanine sorry for not notifying anyone, I was out of game and forums and I just came to write it, I have less and less time for games so SM is out :stuck_out_tongue:


So like, this seems cool. Are we only allowed certain items to build with like, commons, uncommons, rares etc? Count me in for the next one if so.


Read the top post for full rules. And feel free to join the next one :slight_smile:


I did, it mainly just said 28 people had submitted their builds, use forums to keep in touch with your opponents to arrange match ups, doesn’t specify the type of build or type of weapons or grade you can use.


Here it is …



So whites, blues you can max but keep purples at level 1?


And some wepons are not allowed.
HB, Tonto, EMP since they are a bit overpowered for this type of tourny.
Don’t worry, you will see the next one and i will guide you if things get unclear.



Congrats to the winner Rice