The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


Hapiness @Ricemech88…!!! In secret … I supported for you! Congratulations!


For the next GOAT I will be … but I would like the original spirit and the original methodology of the event not to be lost.

With everything I love you Pasha, if you transform this into a private Discord event, I’m sorry, but I cannot be.


It will always be what we built, when we built it toghether: a comunity tournement, without the rivalries and bad blood of clans, without premium and hard to find items, without OP things and unbalances.
This tournement has its centerline on one thing only : HAVE FUN !
And it will always take place here on the forum, with the comunity that love it.
The discord is a side tool, for testing some things, but most important for GOATers to have fun outside the official tournement.
This tournement belongs to this comunity, that encouraged it, and fed it their love to where it is now.
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU, to all whom have participated and helped build this.
You guys are the Greatest GOATs, the true GOATs of this forum and game.
And I really hope you guys had fun in it, as much as i had fun watching.


Congratz, @Ricemech88!


Good Job to Everyone who Participated, Huge Thank you to @El_Metre for setting this up!

See you guys in the next GOAT

baaaah baaaaah


epic item is so easy to get it for you!
give you little hints,don’t build energy mech in goat


Energy cannot win in GOAT :interrobang:

I thought it is balanced :question:

Congratulation to @Ricemech88 for being the best “GOAT” of all time :exclamation:


Congratulation to @TheBlackMan for reaching the final and became 2nd :exclamation:


You both presented HardToKill in an unbelievable, incredible, super mega cool, unbeatable, majestic way :exclamation:






can i get the spectator medal?
for watching it


energy goat mech is really hard to enter the final
also many player are foucs energy


i just hope the goat VI is more amazing because i just foucs to play 1v1 goat to build my perfect goat(without any SHITING LUCK),but i want quick(maybe after 2 weeks)


Congrats @Ricemech88! Another one has joined the ranks…

And @TheBlackMan if you made it this far, I have no doubt that you can do it again and get 1st place.


Where is @Ricemech88 goat pack?!?
He is winner so you should give him now!


Yet again, all good will come to those who wait.


The devs give it to players, with the tag.

That means @Sarah247 does it, but she’s not here.


Oh …Really?..damn…Rice will be waiting a long time…


The other developers/moderators can give the information to @Mohadib or @Silverbox and the perk can be given to the players, naming @Berserk40000 and @Smirk.

For the tag, @Elcent can also do it since he has the powers to change names and tags.


The fack is wrong with you? Whom are you bloody screaming at?
Do i look like a developer?
The procedure is quite simple :
@Ricemech88 pms one of the Comunity Managers @Berserk40000, @Smirk, with his game ID, and after that a box will apear in his unclaimed boxes with the GOAT perk.
@TheBlackMan i strongly sugest you temper yourself 3 or 4 notches down, befor you pop a veine or something.


I waited 3 weeks to get it…


Thank for your answer @Wepwawet
That is what I want to hear this answers @El_Metre


El Metre does everything possible. But you know on this game nothing is immediate. Everything here takes time and sometimes you have to insist… Ricemechs will receive his goat. Patience.