The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


GG, I was so lucky


Lucky start
I can’t do it


GG @Ricemech88! Is this final?


GG @TheBlackMan !


So weak of my weapon?!?
OK fine


Next season most avoid your the sword!!!


My sword only hit 60 dmg in first two turns…
But it deal high dmg in the turns after
gg to my sword lol


This time is my weapons week


So that you can win in this round
But Congratulation for your first goat park
And Consideration for me can enter the first final fight with you


Congrats to Both of you
@TheBlackMan and @Ricemech88


See you 2 in the next GOAT


yay great job now i’m off to bed


Congrats @Ricemech88
And @TheBlackMan


Although I just lost my friend
It’s my most terrible day!:sob::weary:


Congratulation to both our finalist!!!
An excelent match, that showed us why you are GOATs!
Congratulation @Ricemech88, a well deserved victory!
And special Congrats to Blacky(@TheBlackMan ) that showed us how Luck sometimes is a double edge sword. The starting position favored him, but luck also shines on the brave and Rice, made a nice comeback.
GG both of you!
We have a new GOAT CHAMP :
Ladies and gentlemen i give you “The Vth GOAT”


When do we have goat VI mate?


In due time.
Will present it when the time will come.
But you can enjoy GOATing in the Discord server, in the meantime.
This time is about Celebrating The New GOAT : RiceMech!


Congrats @Ricemech88, and all participants.

Thanks old @El_Metre for the organisation.

Was all a bliss to watch.


Are you going to participate in the next one?


If i have the items, yes.