The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


100% sure ricemech can fight with me in final!


Go Ricemech Go
Go Ricemech Go


so lets go, 1 battle or 3 battles?




Serval battle test first
We can’t play in final now
Until el metre say the result


Oh so now you wait…


You and Blacky fought so much in tests that the replay of your match with Sorez is no longer available!
Why can’t you people have pacience?And wait a bit for a confirmation.
How can i confirm your win now?


Wow! You’re right! These two are GOAT maniacs lol

Ricemech won majority of these battles… if Ricemech were to lose in the finals because of luck… that’d be a real shame. What fun is that


We work with the given sistem.
Where RNG of wepons is a factor.
The range isnt quite RNG.
Range looks at the wepons ranges and then choses the range that is the majority of the 2 builds.
Ex : if both have 2 wepons of range 1, and 1 wepon of range 3-6. There will be a 66% probability starting position to be range 1. Or something like that.
Now back to my point, pacience is key when we work with the given sistem of this game. So i am waiting for a confirmation of RiceMech’s win.


But shall we battle a real final now?
1 battle or 3 battles(range 1,3,5)?



Good job, Rice.
Congratulation on the win.
And congratulation to @Sorrez, a more then worthy chalanger and excelent player.
So looks like we have the GOAT Final!!!
Congratulation on both the finalists.


yay rice now you not going to be a dissapointment


This will be 1 out of 1.
On the next tournement, after some tests that we will have on our discord server, will see if we change the format of our tourny.


ok um i have a question is it over or is it the finals now?
i’m really confused/way to lazy to read every thing


It is the Great GOAT Final of GOAT V !
They have to fight to prove who is the GOAT, and whom is the Semy-GOAT!


oh thats nice who is fighting?


@Ricemech88 are you ready to fight with me in final?


Ok let’s go


2/3 for me(need some luck)
1/3 for you(100% win)