The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


based off how it was before, it should be me vs ricemech


Yes you’re right, I mistook the names:

@TheBlackMan vs @RIDVAN22
@Ricemech88 vs @Sorrez


His cooling is 70-84
And his heat is 160-192


What?, already?..No, wait for El Metre


Blacky i need you to chill down a bit.
This isnt about rushing the tournement to the end, it is about haveing fun.


But how about semi final list
We are all done


First of all Congratulations on reaching the Semys!
Congratulation to @Sorrez, @TheBlackMan, @RIDVAN22 and @Ricemech88.
All great players also congratulations to @Winz_Kay, @magicmech20, @Yas999 very good performance.
You guys showed what skill and creativity is in this game.
Good job guys.
The semys will be published tomorow.
We alredy know them but we wait for tomorow ok?


Then we just have a little test with each other today


i got skipped in the last round but it’s fine i guess

yeah we’ll wait till tomorrow, that’s assuming i remember tomorrow though


wanna go against me?


Of course @Sorrez
Here we go bro in English grobal!:slight_smile:


Hey dude
Where are you now?


sorry, after i didn’t see a reply i kinda fell asleep for a while
you still on?


yes mate!
let go man


Can we battle each other now?


Be patient


image image image


can you give us the semi final list now?


Read above.
Congratulation All!
Let’s see who has the Skill to be the GOAT!


Are you ready to battle me?