The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


@Alejandro_Hernandez vs @RIDVAN22
I won
GG! Alejandro :slight_smile:


Please tell us round 3 battle list


That is last seven goat player still here,but we need to have even number so that it can fight easily!?!

  1. Me
  2. Wizkay
  3. Yass99
  4. Ridwan
  5. Ricemech
  6. MagicMech
  7. Sorez


I volunteer as substitute outing


That mean you are out(quit) goatV mate?



Team 5 = me



We can do it like in the past GOAT tourny.
Sorez haveing spare… as in no fight.
Or we can have a raffle from the GOATs that lost, to give them a second chance.
I would go for spare since it has been used in the past.


Be quick!
I am wanna to fight round 3 mate!:slight_smile:


I want to be back in…Lol.


If you go with the raffle, please take me out of it.
I thought that GOAT is oer for me this year and I needed space in my inventory.
So I fused away some parts of my GOAT mech and as such I cannot participate anymore.


Just a voiced thought.
Not a final draw of the thing.
I actualy think that is would be better for all of us to go with a spare for Sorezz, then with a raffle.


Ladies and Gents!
I give you the Round 3 of our GOAT :

  1. Shoku Vs WizKay
  2. Yass99 Vs Ridwan
  3. RiceMech Vs MagicMech
  4. Sorrez - Spare.
    This is the Quarters, so tune your skill up to the next level and have a good one.

Let’s Get GOATing!!!


@RIDVAN22 Are you here?


Ready to battle me mate?


Who win?


i cant fight now, i am in the school :slight_smile: @Yas999


He is physical mech(VERY OP FOR ANY PHYSICAL MECH)
And what is your mech?


I hope you beat my brother, but
I also want him to win…

Good Luck to Everyone


Have your time.


Why don’t you fight me?!?
PS:you are already see my post and online in SM(But I know this time you need to get a sleep)