The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


Blacky left out the battles that alredy took place.
Congrats to @Sorrez, for the win.
Excelent play L4K3, you fought like a champ.
The tourny is piramidal after the 1st round.
So 1 fights 2, 3 fights 4, 5 fights 6 etc.


And no. 7?
He got no opponent
Or will a lucky loser from the 7 fights get a 2nd chance?

After all the full list is:


Well, I know the next tourny match-ups:
Sohoku vs WinzKay
Yas vs :question:
:question: vs :question:
:question:vs :question:
Leftover: Sorrez


Magicmech vs. Clouded (Serenity) Sunrise: Magic wins.



You painted your mech?


That mech looks sort of…


I need to do this because can make sure every goat player can know about what’s new


I hope ricemech vs magicmech in 3rd round
Because they two are op for me!


Wait a minute
How can you know I fight with you?


Lol. Because I’m actually smart

damn stephwinz Hawkay


Then you will out soon!!!XD
Because I am already see your mech what is it


Oh yes, I’ve completely lost hope for this GOAT. I am now counting on Ricey or Magic to sew those lips up lol


GG @Ricemech88 Capturemkmk


can i test your goat mech pls?


Ok sure
Wait me in top ranks channel


it’s close battle mate
but i am weak for range 1 overheating


Metal Piercer has more damage and drain than Nightfall.

If it had a Myth counterpart I would trash my Nightfall.


@Alejandro_Hernandez vs @RIDVAN22
we are all done
Where are you two?


GG to @Ricemech88

I hope you win GOAT! You’re the perfect person who deserves the win :heart:


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