The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


You goat mech heat can tell me what will happen!


But you don’t know my stats?


I will think it mate

  1. @Alejandro_Hernandez Vs @RIDVAN22
  2. @Ricemech88 Vs @24178
  3. @CloudedSunrise Vs @magicmech20
  4. @Sorrez Vs @L4K3
    Get ready to fight round 2


@Winz_KAy, can we 1v1 test with GOAT mechs?

The stats of mine is this.



I have exact same mech as Yas but sure


Ok, wait a bit. I’m finishing the level.


@Winz_Kay I’m ready.


top ranks


@El_Metre make sure to randomise the GOAT selection pls…


After the initial draft… that is random.
The tourny becomes piramidal…so randomise how?


I thought you said Initial Drift lol


@El_Metre,is this the legit list of matches?
Asking because he posted it instead of you.

Also,only the first round has passed,right?Shouldn’t the list be longer?


Why aren’t you using nightfall? Isn’t nightfall better than metal piercer?


I lost to Sorrez.It was a good match.

PS:Still,is that the correct list?



el_metre did post the list but without the @ so that’s what theblackman was doing

and i think the others already had their battles


That explains it! Thanks @STARWULPH!


Next tourny.
We need some testing of it.
To see if we can reduce the random luck facto from the matches.
Congrats Winzy.
Good match both of you.


Thank you El Metre, much appreciated for this Wonderful Mini tournament