The Santa GOAT ... the V GOAT!


Hello Pilots and Pilotess.
The GOAT tournament is ON.
We are redy, we have 28 confirmed participants,all alredy submited their builds.
You have till tonight 20:00 to prepare your will, skill, and mood to get ready for the metal madness of fighting,with better sisters of the sheep :sheep: the GOAT :goat:.
Any cheating will lead to disqualification,and public shameing.
But i am counting your honesty, and fair play to have a clean tournament.
The draft has been done, the list is below, in png format.
You will have 48h to fight him.
So please after you recive your oponent, contact him and settle a convenient hour to fight.
After settleing the hour, pm me with it, so i can validate the match.
The reward… it is the GREATEST REWARD GIVEN IN THIS GAME!..:goat:
This is thanks to our former and beloved Comunity Manager @Sarah247 Claus, and ofcourse to the loveing and comited helpers of our Comunity the Elfs of this Christmas @Berserk40000 and @Smirk!
And here is the GOAT:
And the GOAT is ON.
Pilots and pilotess, these are the matches(new RNG mechanism implemented).
:fireworks:Payin vs Yoyo winner Yoyo :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks:Shoku vs Armakaiser Winner Shoku :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks:Shenchoi vs BFJocke Winner Shencoi :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks:WinzKay vs Starwulf Winner WinzKay :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks:Cyane vs Trojan Winner Cyanine :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks:Yass99 vs Darkstare Winner Yass99 :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks: Rikka vs Alehandro_Hermandes Winner AlehandroH :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks:Ridwan vs Missifit Winner Ridwan :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks: Ricemech88 vs destroy8839lll Winner Ricemwch88 :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks:Auraintegra vs 24178 Winner 24178 :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks: SerenitySunrise vs Hulk Winner Serenity :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks:WhatDoYoMean vs Magicmech Winner Magicmech :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks: Sorezz vs Jhjin87 Winner Sorezz :fireworks: :fireworks:
:fireworks: L4k3 vs SwifetTerminaator Winner L4k3 :fireworks: :fireworks:


1.:fireworks: Yoyo Vs Shoku Winner Shoku :fireworks: :fireworks:
2. :fireworks: Shenchoi Vs Wizkay Winner Winzy :fireworks: :fireworks:
3. :fireworks: Cyanine Vs Yass99 Winner Yass99 :fireworks: :fireworks:
4. :fireworks: AlehandroH Vs Ridwan Winner Ridwan :fireworks: :fireworks:
5. :fireworks: Ricemech Vs 24187 Winner :fireworks: :fireworks:
6. :fireworks: Serenity Vs MagicMech Winner Magic Mech :fireworks: :fireworks:
7. :fireworks: Sorez Vs L4k3 Winner Sorrez :fireworks: :fireworks:

ROUND 3 : The Quarters :

  1. :fireworks: Shoku Vs WizKay Winner Shoku :fireworks: :fireworks:
  2. :fireworks: Yass99 Vs Ridwan Winner Ridwan :fireworks: :fireworks:
  3. :fireworks: RiceMech Vs MagicMech Winner RiceMech :fireworks: :fireworks:
  4. :fireworks: Sorrez - Spare. Winner Spare(jokeing) Sorrez :fireworks: :fireworks:


  1. :fireworks: Shoku Vs Ridwan. Winner Shoku :fireworks: :fireworks:
  2. :fireworks: Sorrez Vs RiceMech. Winner RiceMech :fireworks: :fireworks:


:sparkler: :fireworks: SHOKU Vs RiceMech :fireworks: :sparkler:


:sparkler: :goat: :fireworks: :goat: @Ricemech88 :goat: :fireworks: :goat: :sparkler:

This is the Quarters, so time to prove you are a GOAT

Now, pilots and pilotess, to find your oponents, to settle when you find it ok to fight, and fight.
Any challenging will be done within 2h of that match, please keep the replay of the fight, so it can be checked, any screenshots of suspicious wepons/torso/legs/drones helps us validate things.
I can only say :
Ps: use forum pms to get in touch with your oponent, or any onther known methode to you.
The clock starts now : 21:00 GMT.
Good luck.:goat:
Ps2: Any help in also observing of replays, it’s much apreciated.


@Trojan, it’s you versus me, let’s go!


SerenitySunrise u hear


@CloudedSunrise is his forum(Serenity is his ING)… i think


I love for goatV!!!
I really wait this one long time ago


@BOOGEYMAN1 @El_Metre:

I am on now.
I just sent a PM to BOOGEYMAN1 to time our “date”. :laughing:


Ready to battle me?


Wait plz 10 mins …


see in top rank mate


@TheBlackMan VS @ArmaKaiser
I win


Can you make some @ for players so that they can know this great topic


A confirmed 1st win for @CloudedSunrise!
Excelent fight.
Congrats to both players.


The second battle of outlr tournement!
And what a fight.
A well deserved win for @TheBlackMan!
Congrats to both our GOAT fighters!
A very nice and close fight. An enjoyment to watch.


Hi @c and c’s let’s fight


Help i can’t tag this guy


@24178, c and c is his IGN.
Ready to rumble!



Forum and IGN are misplaced for some members…^^


Lets fight @24178 . . . . Yaay


ok,it’s great time to see who can stay in next round


Oops thanks for help