The sale. Thanks <3

This is an option that is achieved in the main marker when one enters normally. <3

In the sale you can put your items how: Kits, weapons, drones … Etc …
And while you play, fight, improve, you get a notification from a user wanting your item. And you can accept or decline your request.
Here goes what it would be like:
Common: 8 minimums.
Rare: 6 minimum.
Epics: 3 minimums.
Legendary: 1 minimum.
And the maximum capacity is 20 items.

Example: An epic lvl 1 You can vary your price between 50,000 and 100,000 gold.

And if this one is about to wrap its custo, it will go to 100,000 and 150,000 gold approximately.

The cost of a legendary Kit can be between 25,000 gold or more.
And if that were not enough you can buy battle fuel to continue farming! 10 of fuel for 20,000! <3

I hope you liked it. Remember that many make an effort to do the topics and some little hearts would help and make your day happy. <3 Thank you very much for reading.
Att- The one who names everyone by the noobs in the Dubstep. <3

Now my new office will be my school. Because only in school do ideas come to me now.

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it would break sm ._.

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