The rule of two

In the arena its sometimes quite hard to win against a mech who has 2 or 3 of the same weapon system. Almost impossible if a mech got 2 of the magma blast in combination with 2 basalt dissolver. So what I want to say is, what would be if we have a rule called “the rule of two”? I mean if you got a double weapon system on your mech, you can’t have another one.

For example:
2 deso on top, but just 1 dissolver as a side weapon
2 magma blast, but just 1 sorrow

Forbidden - for example:
3 magma blast
2 shitty frantics and 2 Nightfalls

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No, do you even realize how large a change this would affect? Let people enjoy building their mech however they want, if you get wrecked, don’t complain about it and make an idea that only benefits you. Instead, make a better build. This is a stupid idea.


Please don’t waste Sarah’s time by tagging her in this…


I just asking for more variety and more balance in fights

If you wanted balance, ask for a balance of items stats.


That will probably never come

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At least it’ll still be a better idea than this. And also easier to implement.

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Why it is this a better idea? How many years the community are discuss about the balancing the items? Nothing happens - remember all the frantic topics

if it weren’t for two weapons it wasn’t cool at all!

Terrible idea, mech customization is one of the few attractive features this game has left. Limiting it wouldn’t be beneficial for anyone.

You’re asking too much from a free to play game. News flash - SM needs to be fundamentally pay to win (and by consequence imbalanced) in order to function as a business. Otherwise you wouldn’t see the servers up for much longer.

Devs need to put food on the table, keep the lights and servers on, and have their efforts paid for. Just the way the world works.


Why nothing happens because no one wants it now, who wants it, don’t even dream.

Because some builds cannot be possible with this rule. It’s called top ranks for a reason, everyone has good items and skill. Obviously they’ll also be hard to defeat, such as CleverName’s dual magma.

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There are already limitations in the game.

And honestly that don’t have anything to do to put food on the table lol

If you want to play against easy mechs, go smurf at lower ranks. Top ranks is for the big boys.

You don’t get it, thats it

That’s what separates a rank 1 from a rank 5, they have the items necessary to get there.

All I see is that you’re complaining because you’re losing against top ranks builds.

Nope, I’m just looking for creative way to play that game

Of course ,CleverName of course he is top thanks to donate Imagine he paid for the game So he gave the money of the creator of the game camp to some Internet thing!

How would this be creative? You’re limiting mech customization.