The Repulser Portal just Closed. :'(


Sad… that event really helped me upgrade my mech.
I was there when it ended, 00:03 seconds before it did I whispered “Goodbye”.

So, Did any of you get any good items from it? :3


I just played it for the power from the items. :slight_smile:


Lol, I’d go in. :DDD

I managed to transform some equipment to Legendary Level. ^^
I’ve been playing for about a week so I kinda feel good about it.


What is wrong with you Zark? I hope you never have to deal with suicide in real life. I think if you had you wouldn’t be joking about it.


We are all going to die tho


Yes, but we’d rather die of old age, of course. :slight_smile:


20 characters here


Repulse me n I’ll flash you with my 2 king size corrupt light :grinning:


Flash me and I call the cops man.


Im cop. :scream::hushed:


Is the Repulser itself worth keeping though?
It does very low damage… but it might be a one time thing and could be worthy to show off after a while. :3


Keeping? Yes… equipping? Depends on your mech.


STOP IT OR I FLAG YOU. Post your anime stuff in the off topics and not here. Btw you should stop watching anime for a period of time. It’s not good for your health and for us.


@Fluxeon I see… thanks for stating your opinion. :smiley: