The reason why people play this game, I think


So I was watching anime as usual till I decided to go to the comment section, And I found this
Then I thought, That is the reason… For me at least, Is this your reason too?


Seems more like the reason people used to play Second Life. Video gaming, especially online is a modern day form of escapism. I once had a philosophy professor speak in regards to modern entertainment (television, movies, video games, etc) and he told us to think of the following. With the absence of what we perceive as images from all those forms of media, you’d just be staring at blank screens. Meaning, if you take the actors away from a stage, it is still a stage. You take the media away from your television, computer or phone and it’s just a black screen which we stare endlessly at for hours at a time.


Yes, and not only mechs, I have it with many games


I only play games for fun and not being bored.


This true tbh.
I feel better going into the virtual world.

It’s my only way of escaping the troubles of the real world.


I feel alive when losing matches to 3k hp claw builds


after reading all this topic I have come to a conclusion


the real world can never be replaced, since you breathe in the real world, if you disappear in the real world you disappear from all the virtual worlds. (forget problems here is to evade and run). face what forces you to hide here. The more balance you have in your real world. More powerful you will be in the virtual world.

noob’s attack in 3 2 1…

ps: on the other hand I know the case of a friend who, in order not to think about the little time he had left of his life (real world), took refuge here until the last day of his life. On one occasion he told me: “I do not have time to do the missions slowly and improve, that’s why I spent a lot of money on this game, the game helps me not to think. I will not need the money where I will be go”


I need some shit to do on my lunch breaks or when procrastinating from uni projects. Simple as that. Forum has its moments.



We know

Can’t argue with that logic

But all I wanted to say that We feel more alive, More active, More happy in the Virtual, Some might say no but we Gamers feel like we’re the king of the world or the bottom of the barrel when we’re gaming, We create, Destroy or Save in the virtual world with little to no consequences while in the real world, So much as try to not abide by the rules and you’ll get punished, In the real world your goals aren’t clear, basically, The Real world, It’s a Shitty game where everyone is forced to play


the other probleme with the real world, there is no dragon to slay to make it better…

on the serious note, forcing the escape into the virtual world is intended…so…you left the real world to those who governs it to benefit from it…and be sure about it, they not living in the virtual world…