The Rank 5 Depths of Physical Mech HELL

The top parts are based around Rank 5-1 hell physicals, now these bottom parts are I don’t know.

Redo the math.
And you will see, even if you spartan and hook, and lands you in range 1, you also avoid 2 VS hits. And the drain next round is really lowered(either buldog +BS, Stomp + BS), alot less then 2 VS hits.
So it suites you so well, for a follow up combo, of mercy and nf, or mercy and spartan.

Maybe just delete physicals then huh.

Best. Solution. ever.

P.S. Will never happen, so as @lordgorgon says “Git gud”

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Atm energy is the one that is deleted.
By favoritism of a single type, phis.
In the weeks to come, heat will follow.
And phis will be the only type, that will populate ranks 10-1.
I told you that if EMP will get nerfed, that energy will dissapear.
You knew that, but still continued with pushing of the nerf.
Now things are one sided, and still defend that phis is not the OP type atm.
Look for energy builds… none, just some troll builds ment to counter heat.
Sad sad sad day in SM.
And it only serves a few


Agree, thats what i meant. Slightly more strategic.

I feel offended by that. As growing up as an energy.

Joking joking lol. Loves :heart:

But I rarely see as much energy players complain as much as the other 2 types… It’s just a couple main energies that speak a lot, giving a sense of many players crying…

I don’t think I have complained about any type in the game. I may be wrong but I usually don’t.

Please feel free to debunk me… kindly…


The increased damage from the Arena has thrown off balance

Phys rips through Heat and Energy’s HP before any chance of drain or overheat

Can’t really undo the Arena buffs at this point

There are multiple ways to help restore balance though:

  • :one:Bringing back shields to help Heat and Energy to mitigate damage
  • :two:More push options to drive Phys out of close range
  • :three:Considering “Sweet Spot” Mechanics, where weapons have an optimal range (capable of 100% max damage) and less optimal range (only capable of 75% max damage)
  • This would also encourage movement again (moving in and out of optimum weapon ranges for max damage/preventing max damage)
  • :four:Some general help to get the right weapons into player’s hands (eg. the right type of Legendaries for Heat Mechs)
  • :five:giving more opportunity for higher HP Heat and Energy Mechs

A combination of these will help to restore balance and increase strategy to this game. Right now, a lot of in-game strategy is only about doing as much damage as possible, with very little thought to movement and position


Ah , i truly wonder who proposed the nerf to claw and emp.

Was it heat ? Energy players?
No , phys players were going at it the most


Ehh? What ya’ say? Tacticsoft put the damage class “Energy” for a reason there y’know, that’s why players are using it, and ya’ just there ranting about us being too much overused.

I actually meet 90% physicals down in the ranks, most are even “Drop Rankers”.


Dude, the devs has already decided to nerf EMP way before we promoted the nerf. It was inbound regardless.

The fact is that it was way too OP. Now some hope us physicals have in balancing builds. My balanced builds DO GET AZZ WHOOPED now by both heat and energy …a lot. Just the luck factor is mostly gone, which was absolutely not on.

Arena shop caused the problem. That needs to go if anything. Also damage needs to be nerfed across the board for EVERYTHING. That would essentially mean that phys would have to equip more weapons, or at least one infinite use weapon. This would also allow for more tactics to enter into the equation.

Think about it.


Yeah, arena aint very fun atm. My roundeds can deal with anything save for anti phys phisycal builds; my own anti phys is probably the opest in its category atm.
So not much fun vs phys, neither vs elecs.
So to get my load of fun i try to catch interesting players with funky line ups. Metre, wep, se77en, rovo etc…
Need some challenges…

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Really? I only saw one flag that caused a censor.

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Funny you should mention 1800hp/VS setup getting melted in two turns, my work in progress rounded build with 2-bs/2-vs w/FS usually can Pop off the bs’s and maybe 1-vs shot before it’s done and it has I believe 52 phys resist and I wonder if I’m not just wasting a mod space using the epic resist…the point is, I battle in ranks 3/4 atm and I can tell you for a fact, phys in the high ranks is a diff animal then your copy and paste walmart phys build…I know being fully energy that I don’t really stand a chance In the higher ranks

Higher ranks and you need a myth phys res, claw and at least 1 plat plate to stand a chance.

But even then???

Truth is, we’re all gonna have our ups and downs until we level the arena points to max.

But I can tell you that nerfing phys is not the answer. There needs to be a global damage nerf to sort this mess out. And yes, I agree that it’s a mess. But nerfing phys would mean there is zero advantage to the type. It has no special abilities. All weapon types have res drain, so please don’t mention that as an ability. The only advantage that phys has is decent weapon damage. And, other weapon types are capable of similar damage. My clan mate hit a bunker shot for 704 the other day.

True statement,