The Rank 5 Depths of Physical Mech HELL


So, after holding my own for a while in the 4-2 ranks, I have somehow descended into the depths of rank 5 hell, where the CHEAP physical mech demons torment you to NO END!

As a well built FULL MYTHICAL heat mech with approx 2000HP, there is is just no way to beat them, even the relatively dumb ones, with my nerf heat weapons. They all have around 400 heat and 250 cooling, so the heating method hardly ever has success.

They chase you around like the hounds of Hell with their OP annihilations, Nightfall’s, and drones. It’s so f###ing exhausting!

I have now decided to take a break from arena until they fix this shit. I’m sorry, but heat builds just SUCK too much to be competitive.

And what the hell is it with the over population of those cheap physicals in rank 4-5?

I’m sorry but this just isn’t fun anymore!

Phys frustration

the same happens to me the rank 5 with 2 annihilation nithg egle and much ho they eliminate me, they are always close to you hook, teleport, ramming … it would be more beneficial a buff to heat weapons than physical nerfs …the only reason that I do not reach 2 are the physicists


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Get good


You mean this hellhound?)

I am phys and rn iam around rank 5, i can say that its true that my build trashes heat, but trust me, then i face a player who has a crimson or abomination my build becomes not a huge problem


Totally agree. They must not nerf the physicists, but fix the weakness of heat weapons.


Maybe go 2v2 or 3v3?


That’s rich coming from a guy that I would own on any given Sunday. LOL!


I started Reloaded as a heat mech lol


Ahhh, I see. I’m not gonna spend the next couple of months transforming into a hell hound. Sorry. My previous statement applies to your previous build. My bad.


Just don’t have the builds to do so.


Ever tried? You do not need two or three great builds on rank 5, I’m playing there without any myth weapons… Mechs in 2v2 or 3v3 appear to be a lot weaker then in 1v1 on the same rank…


Dude, just rework your build. There’s always a way to make you mech a big problem for certain type, but then again you’ll need to sacrifice something for that, that’s the nature of this game…

The one thing tho that heat lacks is free 2-4 push weapon that goes to myth


the solution then is 3 vs 3 in 1 vs 1 matter … it should be another solution to this (in 3 vs 3 they usually leave rank 1 so it is not a solution


Thanks for the advice, but I’ve tried EVERY possible combination using Corrupt Light, repulser, Supreme Cannon, Dessolation, Mercy, Annihilation, Iron Frenzy (wow, what utter shit), Dawn Blaze, etc. All fully mythical.

Then, combinations of fully mythical Heat Engines/Energy Engines, Epic Plates etc.

Every single legendary I get is either some f###cking feet or a drone that I can’t use/don’t need.

I’m just fed up now. I was on the verge of spending money out of frustration, but I fear that, as usual, I will just get more rubbish, leading to further frustration, maybe leading to me throwing my phone against the wall.

I just think it’s best to take a break. As I said, it’s just not fun anymore. Any why else would I play a game if not for fun.


if … competitive games like this where money is worth more than time are frustratingly frustrated … in any case you should improve the heat weapons in general game for better balance, I am in rank 3 and literally with weapons free mitical max rank 5 physics win me, let’s face it there are only 3 useful epic-mitic weapons … they are all away,
and the game benefits the physicists by putting it in front of you, then hook, teleport, onslaught, win … the energy are better enemies than the physical ones (I did not believe this until I realized the harsh reality)


Obviously people will come out of the woodwork and defend the physicals but the reality is they are the current meta and are OP… its no different at rank 2 and 1, there are tons and tons of physicals that are rape engines. I was working on my heat second mech and have the whole thing mythed and working on leveling but at this point It seems smarter to just abandon and start over on physical. Ultimately working toward 3v3 mechs but obviously this takes months


Look guys, what are the cons of phys Versus heat huh? I can tell u that there is almost none in terms of weapons, heat weapons deal almost as much damage as physical ones, not to mention heat damage aspect. Then again heat have magma blast, rapture.

It’s not the problem of phys weapons being too good or heat weapons being bad. Its about the fact that to build a good competitive heat mech u need L-M items.


LOL, the only physical mech that a heat mech can beat is a FULLY RETARDED one, or one with 25% less HP.

There is no amount of tactics or heat weapons to counter them. Unless of course, you have 2300HP to take the hits whilst hopping around and firing your nerf guns.

End. Of. Story. Game. Over.


I don’t see adequate arguments from your side.
I think it’s really the End.of.story.