The Rank 20 Chronicles

So, I’m starting this thread to document all the crazy things that go on in R20-15.

Stay tuned for some hilarious daily stories.


I tried to help this poor fool. I asked him “why 3 crazed repeaters bro”? You only need one. Vary the weapons for range I said.

“#### off n00b”’he retorted and then quit.

Priceless :smile::laughing::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


Seal clubbing at it’s finest :exclamation:

Player come out of Littlelost your Lost :exclamation:


Any thought about, or should I post here all the thoughts written about seal clubbing from some Littlelost your Lost members now :question:

He left the clan before doing that you can clearly see that on the pic above

And :question:

Does that change the fact of Seal Clubbing :question:

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Oh, u mean he is gonna join and farm victories?

Someone still does this pathetic strat?

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No offense, but that “someone” include people from HTK

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Oh really?? Besty wouldn’t let it…

Not really, maybe he do, maybe not, but I mentioned Littlelost your Lost because they were the first shouting and accusing when others tested this :exclamation:

Now I am surprised one “ex”-member from them is doing Seal Clubbing, just want to hear their opinion right now about, maybe it changed over night … :smile:


Lol you quickly erased the “oh wait she did”

Proof ?? Lol

Are you that scared? XD

Scared of what?

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Best or HTK lol, but I did saw that part then 2 seconds later, it disappeared.

If u did, prove it. Lmao

Not gonna argue with you on this pointless topic.

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Np good sir, have a nice day :slight_smile:

you mean “prove it”

Yeah :smile: forgot English a little

I didn’t shoot them until they begged. I’m actually trying to help them. Go watch the ‘battles’ if you can bear it. The replays must be like 10 mins long.

And By the way, I quit LLYL, they are good people that I will never drag down.