The Range of some Weapons are Bugged


Hello guys I have noticed that in the description of some weapons specifically in their range they indicate a distance but at stake that distance is not totally correct, for example the weapon known as Rear Hit Heat Mark'' in its description shows us Which has a range of 3-6 cells but in game is only 4-6 and although it is not a bug of the most mortal I must admit that it is very annoying another example we can find it in the weapon known as Granade Launcher Mark III’’ that says to have a range of 2-4 squares but it is only 3-4 squares and at least for me it is very annoying that the moment to arm my mech and to have calculated the rank of the weapons in game is not equal and I have Lost several games for this bug I hope you take it into account and solve it as soon as possible Thank you for your attention.


The stats on almost all weapons have a bug in them showing the wrong distance. I posted about this a while back. The mods haven’t fixed it yet. I told them this would happen. You are new to the game, I wouldn’t doubt there be more complaints about this.


I noticed that, i was amazed when i saw Death Punch “3-6”

Please make death punch 3-6