The Raid: Now BS


The first time I completed the whole RAID, and what do I get, I get 50 tokens, 50.

I only complete 5 raids on my 2nd account, and guess what I get.

That is just fkn awesome. Thankyou TS for making this the best game ever. (I’m being sarcastic)

Serious though, the top rank prize stays the same, yet the lower ranks get scammed. Worse part is that the old members have the advantage of having a legacy drone.

Of course TS is not gonna do sht, but I had to let this anger out.


It’s not due to TS, it’s due to you not being as strong as the players in the top Lol.

Not everything you can blame on the game/Tacticsoft


Why not. They change the amount of tokens you get from raid. How can you not blame TS. They should have just left it.


They nerfed the tokens earned in favor for the Titan update. I hope that exchange is worth it.


I wouldn’t say “strong” so much as “lucky”, no amount of effort can bridge the gap between Epic and Legendary capped items.

…And better items leads to better scores, which leads to more tokens, and by extension more chances at even better items. The cycle repeats itself and the “rich” get “richer”


Does not seem to be worth it.


It is had been tried and tested (especially when the whole cheating hunt happened before you came up), the repair drone does not actually affect the score of the raids. It seems that the devs may have accounted for this, and your score is based off total damage taken compared to max health, not how much health you have left.


The repair drone does not work.


I finished 5th and have no legacy items. Only things keeping me from placing higher are a lack of plats and a lack of a molten platinum vest (literally the newest premium item.)


Well… I got 50 tokens on raid… I used to get 75-100


You’re righto.
Not even shields work.

It’s how it works.


Eerm… I’m pwetty sure they still do… Unless they changed it…


They don’t work.
Nagi said that.


It. Is. Not.


(I mean, you get way less tokens from Campaign, you get way less tokens from Raids, you get a bit more from achievements, and Titans’ shop’s prices are actually too high…
Not worth to me)


No, that is just plain wrong.
Titan has nothing to do with raid.
If the Titan feature is good then players will play it anyway no matter the raid feature.
After all there is no penalty for doing both raid and Titan.

TS just likes to “justify” nerfs by calling it “balancing”:

  • Just like they “balanced” the rewards from BigBoy by removing the almost guaranteed epic drops and even likely legendary drops because it was too OP for epic and legendary items to reliably drop from anything other than an item portal.
  • Just like they “balanced” the fuel cap by almost cutting it in half and refill cost by increasing it by 50% cause that would make fuel rewards “more meaningful”.
  • Just like they “balanced” the fixed silver box costs at 6,500 gold by nerfing the drop rates for silver boxes AND mixed boxes (which should not have anything to do with those silver boxes).
  • Just like they “balanced” the portal costs with a 50% fuel cost increase because portals have better payout than regular missions.
  • And just like they now “balanced” raid rewards to make the Titan feature “more interesting”.

All of that has nothing to do with balancing at all.
TS simply decided to decrease and limit any good free gameplay in order to make players PAY more with real money to get better results and playing experience.
Before those nerfs you could have good experience and see / feel your mechs and items advancing every day with the free plays.
But now it takes ages to see that advance in your items and mechs.
The only way to advance faster is to PAY with REAL money now.

That is the true reason for all that “balancing”.


True facts and nice describtion of the tacticsoft gameplay management :exclamation:



I see it exactly the same way :exclamation:


Eh, it’s what Sarah said regarding the Titan update and the raids. Haha, when Tacticsoft says balance, its balance for them, not necessarily for us.

Anyway, I liked your post. It’s a good summary on the current nerfs.


I’ll say it 'til everyone has it in mind, but it was 100% more FUEL cost at first on portals…

It’s not about Titans being more interesting, but like rc1 quoted, “In order to balance the economy”


You mean “balancing the economy” as in “increasing the balance of TS’s bank account”, right?


Meow :joy_cat:
Overkill of laughter :joy_cat:

But well…it could work, I think :joy_cat: