The raid does not enable the level of today, until yesterday it was normal

@Sarah247 @Mohadib Have you noticed, that I hardly upload videos to youtube anymore?
It is for this reason, I lose hours per day playing, dealing with mistakes and there is no answer…

It will not be the first time! lpmqtp

Yesterday night, with 4 hours to finish the reset, I did level 4, all good. But today it does not enable 5, it remains the same as yesterday.

I already go 4 times with this, I can not complete the event, because it freezes one level for 2 or 3 days, instead of continuing with the next one.

I also demand an explanation, and solution right now.

The previous times I have been silent, thinking that it only affected I me. Now I verify that I am not the only one, that there is more with this fucking bug.

Until yesterday it was normal, but today level 5 has not been enabled. :pensive: lpmqlrp

PS: I play it every day, because I upload it to youtube …
Now it will be incomplete?

Hey I’m sure that they will take a look at this as soon as possible but I’d like to point out a bug is a bug. if it affected you it will have probably affected others. The sooner you report it is happening the sooner it could be fixed and it won’t repeat itself. Staying silent doesn’t help anyone :confused:


As a term positioned when this happens… hixhix

How is my lowest position, when the raid works well… bigsmile

Final solution!

Extend the duration, until the restart of the event.

We know that there are always about 2 days of inactivity,
take advantage of those lost days to play when a level freezes, or when someone needs to repeat a score.
Let the level advance only when you finish completing the game of the day …

:wink: with something so simple it is already solved, the rest depends on you, developer.

Greetings, happy Easter.