The quest for 200,000 gold! [14.03]


Also, wait for the heat monkey thingy… will probably replace the Zark on your/inspired builds… cause…haveing 3500 hp is life.
That will be fun to watch :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am most keen about Heat Monkey

will be sad if I don’t get it but alls well that ends well


You missed the one regarding “Not touching the Legacy items that we kept and are still powerfull”…Altho that one i partialy agree with nerfing/disableing them since they belong to a different game.


I wont be able to use the repulsor… :frowning:


who needs repulser with 3618 hp?


You get to like that drone didnt you…



It’s called evolution.

If everyone at the top of the food chain is using the same weapon it will become stagnant. So to keep the game moving and growing they have a choice to make.

  1. Rebalance the weapon to give other weapons a chance to shine.

  2. Create a counter specifically for said weapon.

  3. Create an equally powerful weapon of another come. Problem being if former weapon is OP, latter weapon would have to be OP too.

I’m glad they’re staying on top of things tbh, would be boring otherwise.


You told me once that the games are for the children. But I think they are also made for the child inside of us.

I like it when I come back from work, after doing adult things, turn on my laptop and start playing.

It´s true that we are like children sometimes, but we are not stupid.


what’ll you do if someone pins you in the corner?


With this HP and a lot of resistance you just have to take out the drone and wait for your opponent to exhaust all their shots. Then, when your opponent has nothing else, it’s just your turn. If you can place more than 4000 HP, better!


I have to admit that the best tactical game with 3 magmas and shower I saw in Last of wilds.

The guy just pulled out his drone and let me attack. Then, when I exhausted my shots, it was his turn and he killed me.

It may seem risky, but it turns out if you have a lot of HP. With that tactic you don´t even need much cooling module, replaced by HP.


Works against other magmas… let the drone do the job.
This tactic is long used by phis to counter heat…
I remember when Gorgy found out he could place 4 platplats on his phis anty-heat…he would tank 3 abomin shots, 3 supreme shots, scope, and 1 magma…and back then it was qith only 20% in res bonus.
Now with res at 40%, and tonto beeing a functional flying NF… is even worse.
Test against a 3000hp ultrahot protector mech, see if you can kill him with 3 magmas, and BS, and heat point…


That phys wouldnt loose to any heats… that was before hp and doubled res arena buff. Before shower too.
remember that day you were experimenting with scopes, single on a build, dual on the other… took three shots form them and still won… was ridiculous…
Good times, i miss phys sometimes. Leave your brain on the bedside table, go to battle, shoot…


I have a model on claw in the boxes… :slight_smile:


well…not bad one
but does that mean that there is no new event tomorrow ?


Finished the Quest…


Aiming for that 4k hp mark?..
So people get bored of pushing buttons and quit?


Would do it, But Every time i go in arena SM servers kick me untill the battle is over
refresh server
Conection Problem