The quest for 200,000 gold! [14.03]


Those are from yesterday.
The replay i saw was befor he lost to demo666… even tho that is also a good replay for how lame magmas are nowadays.

It is quite and sadly true, test it out yourself.


The Nerf was needed and done by the developers, so no need to cry about :sob: the next 2 years :exclamation:



Because that is their modus operandi for a long time.

They launch a seemingly innocent comment like this* for people to buy (at least those who can). At the same time allow a player, sometimes more than one to stay at the 1st. place, as a fish in a fish tank, very visible, with 5 or 6 of these. Now they do it with Canopy and its 5 Magmas, before they did it with Rising and its 6 Bunkers.

Then, when you (if you can) have delivered your CC to tacticsoft to get the coveted Magma … zas! invent something new or make it an awesome nerf (when they havent time to invent anything), so that what you had a hard time getting, is make useless. That way you’re still hooking putting more money.

*The “silly” comment is just in case, if you haven´t realized yet that you “need” a Magma.


But Canopy atm he´s the fish in the fish tank, so has “logic” that he wins. Another way in which Tacticsoft “uses” the community or the players. “If you have 5, you need 6”.

Magma’s nerf has only been apparent. At the same time a torso was created that nullified the effect of nerf. Magma’s real nerf has not arrived yet. What I believe is that a new item is coming that will strike a mortal blow at Magma.


it has arrived to the traditional magma builds, using the zark.
Now it is still “decent” if paired with the new torso…the energy free one.
So if you want to run magma builds, and for them to have decent win percentage, you also need the new torso…
Also look at the little tweaks, befor the desso builds were crap… they became decent, when HeatPoint was released, and rose to shine when longflame was released… and at the same time the HeatPoint got nerfed… thus you are obliged to use the longflame to have succes with the dual desso build.
Now to run good heat builds, you need new torso, or longflame…besides 6 magmas, 2 showers, or for desso build, 4 magmas , 4 dessos, 2 longflames.
The carrot changed.


Well … they had to sell the new torso too! Missing more! The little nerf of Magma and heat point was in order to sell the new torso.

The stupid thing that we invest to get the new torso, is that it only works with Magmas and Shower. So if they shred the Magmas, then the new torso also becomes useless.


works also with dual desso and longyflame…
could work also on some other energy free builds… but less then decent.


Now I have copied your heat model. I don´t know if it will work, but at least I’m playing with something different.

I tried 2 energy and it doesn´t work! Energy dies very easy with phys.


Energy works, you need a troll energy tho…against phis… and with a vest on…and 3 platpalts min, and the other one can be maybe a rounder.


Nobody will ever nerf/buff plat plates, res, or zarkares.
:slight_smile: planning guys.


But the troll build bet too much on luck! No, the troll mech does not work.

Many times I lose vs. trolls, it’s true. But I prefer to feel safe. I don´t like to lose because I was without heat or without energy, this is thing of noobs.


Mark these word really well… in a near/far future we will see them as useless… not because of a nerf or a buff… but because… MarkII, Mark III, Mark IV… remember the legacy :wink:


Or a freaking emp on an elec rounded.


So long for my “planning” :disappointed_relieved:

Whereas the game would need a legy version to make the arena funky.


can do wonders against phis… like defanging a snake.
Not really good against other elecs…specialy higher cap one then yourself…with VSs or ash and bigdaddys…


Oh hey 200.000gold Event and people are like: whhhyyyy? Whhhyyyy was Heat buffed…? I am top 10 everything week with my Heat build that is unplayable! whhhyyyy?


For some reason 2 deso + 2 magma work, but 1 deso and 1 shower + 2 magma, no.


I know :frowning:.

Funky to drive though.


Thats because of the drone you can use or not use with those builds Wep… aka flame spear


What I really dislike about this game is the lies.

We were told that the Magma nerf and Heat point was in order to balance the game … and it was a lie! It was to sell a new torso!

They told us that fuel capacity was reduced because the players did not use it! Another lie. It’s to sell more refill.

These types of attitudes are what disappoint me. Are so obvious that it seems disrespectful to the players.