The quest for 200,000 gold! [14.03]


I was also not being serious XD


And what does this mean exactly?

edit : nvm it was a joke


200 000 gold


Welcome to the 150s


Hello to all the incoming smurfs


Not anymore… they hit worst then desso, and sometimes worst then CL…


150s what?
(I only write this because it asks to write at least 20 characters)


Tell us more about :interrobang:



whatever it may be you wouldn’t need to worry with that 100mil you have there


I worry about that she/he claim to know something that ALL other do not know :exclamation:




I feel that in less than 2 week Magma will be the most useless weapon in the game.


what makes you say that

  1. The weak rolls on the dmg that the wepon has.
  2. The fact that is became inferior to other wepons, like Desso, or even sometimes Sorrow.
  3. The fact that it is single use… and weights 55kg.
  4. The fact that even a quad magma blast with BS is unable to kill a 2600 hp mech with protector… not to mention a 3000hp one.(Saw a replay between Wep and Canop, both packing 2800-3000 hp, both with 3 magmas and BS… they ran our of things to shoot at each other… both haveing 1000-1200 hp left).
    Fun thing i tryed last night, a test sort of :
    2 mechs, both more then 2600 hp, with ultrahot protectors… stand and shoot, using 1 supreme, 1 desso, 1 BS, shortflame drone Vs 2magmas, 2 dessos, longflame drone.
    Both of them ran out of things to shoot, and both were around 600-800 hp.
    Funny as hell.


some things are better left unknown though :upside_down_face:


do you have the code? i wanna see it


I remember they started giving gold for everything and then the change in the currency
I was pro at the time
but after that I lost everything


I cannot see it, was 2 days ago, 2 of their magmas hit like 160, and the drones were hitting like 134-140ish… that is what made me do that test with the 2600hp ones, with ultrahot protectors…to see a magma hit 184, then the drone hit 120ish… you know right that moment that you lost the match :joy::joy::joy:


I know what i’ll try next time so we’ll see :wink:

don’t have any resist mods though so yeah…that’s that




You cannot build using only 1 shot or 3 shots weapons and expect all work out perfectly :exclamation:

Seems someone need more building skillz :exclamation:


And of course again something which is NOT true …



Thanks besty(this limit is annoying)