The quest for 200,000 gold! [14.03]


Hey, pilots! Glad to see you here!
Today and tomorrow, you have a very interesting task. By accomplishing the challenge, you will get 200000 gold. Are you ready to listen? Good!
If you win 20 battles in PvP today or tomorrow, you will automatically get 200k gold. Get your Magma Blast and destroy your opponents. No mercy for the enemies now!


this is good and easy :v
Thanks :v



Can I really have a Magma Blast?


I see a lot of gold related events these days …
Anyway, thanks Berserk


Thanks berserk for the news, sir


Exactly at the right time and great Event as usual :exclamation:





200k gold for a magma?




Nope, 200k for 20 arena wins


Thats for @lordgorgon only and should mean …

“Take your 1 Magma Blast …”



I called it first


something is coming…
something big
that’s why I recommend farming :v


Base feature? :eyes:

Clan wars? :eyes:

Heat monkey? :eyes:


@Berserk40000 please change …

The word “Get” makes players crazy now :exclamation:


It should mean …

“Use your Magma Blast and destroy your opponents!”

… what also can be a little bit mean to the players who even don’t have 1 :exclamation:

So most correct would be …

“Use your strongest Weapons and destroy your opponents!”



Poor players without a magma blast

luckily I do have 1 :yum: Teehee


orrrrr we like to play around and have FUN with the wording :yum: Teehee


4 million coins done

after i finish this quest


translation: “the rich always humiliating the poor :'v”


home run on that comment

and sorry if i flexed too hard with my 1 magma…


It’s just a joke :V
I have 11M and a bunker shell