The quantity and quality of loot bigboy(insane) - I'm in shock!

I made 11 runs in a row bigboy insane. Spent 154 energy and my time.
This is all the loot I got!!!

tacticsoft about any higher rewards, is it?
Your update complete degradation of the game.
No more desire to farm any boss…
Sorry for my English.


2 351 138 SM ? you can buy a mix box

You got 13 item thats unlucky number.

Farm midsion 6 in overlord den on insane , worth it

It wasn’t for me today, 20 tries half the wins had no boxes at all and absolutely NO Fortune boxes even though it was good yesterday.

I’m getting sick and tired of this constant changing for the worse.

Of course you can buy, but you don’t understand, with such updates, we will soon cease to receive boxes from bosses. Alternative in the near future, only the mix boxes.

I’m trying to balance it sm and item ,it is progressing well
it is true mystic very long

with big boy normal 10 rush give me
5 epics
13 rares
4 communs

its good

You cant get fortune boxes in mission 6 l m a o

You can get a fortune box in mission 6.
Yesterday I even got a fortune box there giving me a legendary item.

P.S.: In regards to the drop rates of mixed item boxes and fortune boxes Tacticsoft claims there are no changes to the drop rates.
Well, I still see a way to decrease the amount of dropped boxes without decreasing the drop rates themselves.

I think the last update that made it unneccessary to open the reward boxes simply decreased the times those drop rates are applied.

My suspicion is that before the update the drop rates were applied every time you opened a reward box at the end of the mission.
So for example for the BigBoy mission that meant 21 reward boxes collected = 21 chances to get a mixed item box or a fortune box unless you already got one of those from opening a reward box.

But now after the update the chance to get a mixed item box or fortune box is only applied once at the end of the mission when you collect the loot.

That way even with the drop rates themselves not having changed the drops themselves decrease massively in number because the chances to get a drop are applied far less than before.


So… what you are saying is that the drop rate of the items did not increase… but the drop rate of the boxes themselves decreased. Did I get that right?

Whatever it is. I’m done with this game. I started playing about two months ago and getting a mythical seemed possible. Now its just gonna take 6 months for a new person. Screw that! Plus I see people in PvP with shields?! Where do those come from? This has turned into such a money based game, it’s ridiculous! I’ve spent money too and still they want more just to remove the Ads. Good thing that only costs about $23 dollars a month! I’m not spending that much for a flash based game that they’er only REMOVING content from. I’m done playing in their “Skinner Box”.

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The shields were probably left over from the old version - legacy items that were not fused away.

I (probably as many others after the update for reward collection at the end of the missions) asked about the drop rates for item and fortune boxes.
The reply was that the drop rates were not changed and that it has been checked several times.

But as everyone else has experienced it ever since that update the boxes drop far less.
So if the drop rates (as in percentage for an item box to appear from the rewards) has not changed I can only imagine that to be because of the change in mechanism on how rewards are collected.

Before update:
Every reward box needed to be opened manually + more item boxes dropped.

After update:
Reward boxes are automatically opened, content gathered and collected at once at the end of the mission + less item boxes dropped.

So my suspicion is before the update the chance to get an item box was activated for each reward box when you opened it.

Now after the update the chance to get an item box however would be initiated only once at the end of the mission when you collect your gathered loot.

But that is just my own suspicion because I believe there must be an explanation for the decreased amount of item boxes appearing from mission rewards.

box clearly became less frequent, lot no boxed sets, more often, no legendary completely.

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