The problems with the update of these months

Hello im new in the foro and im going to give my opinoin about the new update, i think that is great but ¿really, erase the shop, man?.. i miss that place i could buy a lot of weapons in there like the half part of my inventory was there now i have to buy boxes and dont think that i dont like it just thats the not very lucky persons has problems there cause the prices and even ther own luck, thanks for listening

Man on the moon !


ERM, really @Juan_david_Pino_ayal,
out of all the problems we are facing right now you picked the one that actually does not matter at all? It is enough to say that SM has become a “card drawing, luck-based” game, long long time ago. You just cannot buy items in the shop, like you cannot buy cards in a game of poker. You have to draw items from the box. Accept it and play or refuse and be gone. This is really not a problem. And what are other, more important problems? Well, browse thru the forum, mate…

yeah maybe youre right and i dont have to matter about that:grinning