The price of name change

Is to damn high…

What if i want to change my name just to make fun of someone ? I got pay like 400 tokens to change.

Since we all updating and working together…How about we lower that to something more reasonable :slight_smile:

and bring back color kits…just saying


happy poppers i agree with that 100 percent dude BRING BACK THE COLOR KITS SO I CAN BECOME GREEN GODZILLA AGAIN LOL

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I think the price should only increase 50 tokens everytime you change your name.
Free -> 50 -> 100 -> 150 -> 200 -> 250 -> 300 -> 350 -> 400 etc.

Thats same system they have now…

Why not just 50 tokens per change.

or even better 25 tokens

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I have never changed my name xD. Change is still free for me but the system seems too highly priced at this compound rate… :confused:


Still 100 tokens for me…

I think it’s alright for the price to increase by 100 each time, but make it so that if you don’t change it for a certain time, maybe 1 month, it either resets or drop by 100.


Yeah, Fluxeon’s Idea Is Good!

Restrict using same nick name, discourage imposter. remove zer0 from username.

Thats to much…

If i want to joke on you and lets say call myself fluxeon_mom it cost 400 to change…who knows what to change back.

Thats to high for joke IMHO

I think 25-40 per change is fine :slight_smile:

But you’re not my mom tho

Right now it cost me maybe 800 to 1000 change and change back…thats crazy

but at 25 i would change often for joking around.

You know fluxeon mom would be good in chat lol

but im at a point where they cant sell me anymore name changes…to high

Other way i probaly spend 100 tokens a month.

My first name was cherry then -cherry- then
–cherry – then cheRry then again -cherry- now it cost me so much token for name change its silly i can but ulta box for that amount.