The Power gap is very real


Just on the 3 visible mechs:
5 Valiants, 3 Ash Creators. NINE BUNKER SHELLS.

0_0 from H2K has some beefy mechs.

I missed my first turn just sitting shocked at these 740 energy 410 Heat and crazy armament mechs.


This has long been known. He’s spent quite a bit of cash on this game. Well he did before he passed. Now his son runs the account, he left him with a truly king of all builds mech, three full mechs with many parts to spare.


That was Rising


I just never faced him because he was probably playing 3v3 before and I can’t even afford a second mech. I don’t expect I’ll ever be top 10 player again post-this-crazy-money-grab-update where they nerfed nearly every item I had by making the 200k power items give 15k power, and obsolete by any newer weapons.


Well, there are this kind of guys around. Risin is oftenly ranked first actually


I knew rising, I didn’t realize he had passed. That is sad.

Still, crazy mechs. Ranked around 50 which surprised me.


I think you should choose what type of batle you want to do.


Yeah, it wasn’t spoken of much on Kong. Although here it was mentioned all over. R.I.P

And odd, usually his mechs are at the very top of the leader board. Hmm, his son has been trying to hold up his end, but trust me that shit is difficult to do.


This guy is also top notch strategist btw.


I think it’s a glitch.
Several times it was the same.
Duplicated - two mech with windigo are identical.


Aint a glitch, he was a 3v3 player


Those are his actual mechs. Because I’ve seen both windigo built mechs with different legs. It really does look like a glitch, but trust me, those are legit.


I know Rising and О_О accaunt history, but in this case a picture of one on two slots, I think.


before update the weapons were good, now the weapons complement crazy

frankly not logic of the game



To play in the arena became unpleasant.


rising expense how much money? to become number 1 but after bah nothing lol


Please show some respect to a very good player, who managed to have 2nd most Single Gold Medals of all time and of all players :exclamation:

He passed away - R.I.P. Rising Alan - so please show some respect, also his relative still play this game :exclamation:

Don’t start anything about please, just imagine you are/were in this situation - I will do my best to “protect” his “legacy” in this game.

My request - please just show some respect :exclamation:

P.S.: his account is totally legit, he explained me how he was (is) able to buy so much in-game boxes :exclamation:


ok,I do not talk about that, I’m talking about money

the players is spending like rising


With all due respect man.
We’re talking about a human being…

I don’t think his death is a laughing matter.I actually felt pretty bad when I saw it in here.


But I just use my op mech to got him thrice

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