The power? clan


yup u got so lucky today


now the real question is
will i be kicked for a better player or will i be kept?


we will see in the future who knows maybe i won’t be the leader any more


pls dont let that happen
the meme man begs you


Hey, I am rank 6. I would love to join your clan. It seems like a great place to be.

I can make it to rank 5 if I really push, and once my modules on my new rounded are mythed, I should be able to stick around in rank 5.


hmm maybe :slight_smile:


i hope i can trust


@W.P.O.T.W i felt that something will happen xD


We all know what happened


at least not yet


Lol i edided fastly mate.
You didn’t noticed it.




When are you coming back modemer


He’s been back for a while. In a clan called Ghost Division. I heard he was the former leader of “the power?” in which WPOTW reigns leader? I doubt he’s going back.


Falcon buddy i missed you
i may come back but not now cuz as everyone know i’m busy those days


i left the power? cuz i didn’t have time to take care of it
then my friend @Trafalgar made a clan so i wanted to help him
Soooo yeah


Hey there you are. Mod let’s do a 2vs2 sometime check my new mech


Sry i can’t play sm those days
When i come back to sm i will tell u so i see ur new mechs