The Player Age Poll

Out of sheer curiosity I’d like to figure out the mix of players in the game based on age.

  • I am 13-17
  • I am 18-25
  • I am 26-30
  • I am 31-35
  • I am 36-40
  • I am 41-49
  • I am 50+

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If I am 14 or 15… can I choose either the first one and second one?

I’m 15 years old.

Btw I’m pretty sure @Kaen is joking about their age lol.

Nice to know who’s who in the zoo. That way we can discuss things on the right level, knowing ages of each other.

Can you add dirt to the poll … Asking for a friend

hmm interesting, not much players after 26 years

what about an option for under 13?

You shouldnt be here if you are under 13. Get out.

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Shhh my parents will kill me if they knew! :frowning:

Same here and Im over 13 lol.

They wouldn’t kill you though. But seriously my parents have poison-tipped legos if they ever found out about me playing SM :(((


My dad has a spiked metal flip-flop that he beats me with, and its covered in my blood as the result of past transgressions… :frowning:


my father has a seething look of disapointment and passive resentment that pushes me to do the killing for him.

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"Im not angry, Im just disappointed"

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15… in summer i’ll be 16!!!

Thanks to all who participated in the poll. Paints a picture of player age composition, and helps us to understand forum members a little better.

More polls to come. Please participate.

How about yourself btw??? Oldtimer?

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I’m old enough to have arthritis in my joints lol

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@Transcendant is 50+


Nah, just pulling peoples leg.

I’m 20 lmfao