The Pilot Pass (INSANE VALUE)

Pass Royale,Battle Pass,Season Pass,Brawl Pass,Super Pass Clash Pass.
We’ve heard it all, but now it’s in Supermechs!
This Pass costs only 1,000 Tokens! (Rough $20 equivalent)
IN this pass you get:
All kinds of Maxed Powerkits (Maxed Rare and above)
LOTS of gold
Premium Packs
Premium Boxes
Exclusive Item Skins (These Can be equipped only at LvL 50 and do not interfere with Divine Effects)
Premium Account for the duration of the season (Monthly not weekly)
Exclusive Premium Items (Occasional L-M)
And you can gift this to your Clanmates/Friends! (500 Tokens)
Down Below will soon show how to progress and get rewards!

You progress by winning battles and gaining Platinum Cards.
Platinum Cards can be obtained in these 4 ways:
Winning Arena Battles
Beating Campaign Levels
Leveling Up
Completing Daily Missions

You Gain:
10 Cards for winning a battle.
10 Cards For beating a level. (20 in 2v2 and 35 in 3v3)
500 Cards For leveling up
50 Cards For Completing Missions
It takes 500 PC to gain a tier.
There are 100 Tiers.
Please note that Activated rewards are IN ADDITION to the free rewards.
EMP: Epic Maxed Powerkit
LMP: Legendary Maxed Powerkit
RMP: Rare Maxed Powerkit
PP:Premium Pack
PB:Premium Box
FB: Fortune Box
G: Gold
LAR:Legendary Ascension Relic
TR:Transform Relic
EIS: Exclusive Item Skin
RCK:Random Color Kit
RP:Random Paint
Left Side: FREE||| Right SIde: PILOT PASS
5-RCK {x1}][RP {x1}
This goes on 9 more times, then tier 100 is a
If you don’t have the item you automatically get it for free.

I will finish the tiers later.
Unlocking a skin for a weapon unlocks that weapon
Pass lasts exactly one month.
PCs are the currency used to buy tiers.
Gifting works like this: buy it for 500T then your friend will only have to pay 100T to get it.
Think of gifting like giving somebody a Pilot Pass coupon.
Paints are random.
Exclusive premium items are just random L-Ms
Exclusive Item skins would be released BEFORE OR DURING the first Pilot Pass
Once you have 500 PC, you can go over to the Pilot Pass and buy a tier.
Any unclaimed rewards will be sent to you unclaimed box area.

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If we get 500 for leveling up then I can use my alt to tier up is seconds also for high lvl players or even worse players that reached max lvl it will be hard to lvl up and the tiers it has compared the points you get we would need months to finish it

I mean if dailies give 50 u would need 10 days to complete a tier

Need more details… How long does this last? What is a Platinum Card? How are we getting exclusive item skins that aren’t in game yet? How many tokens? What paints? What are “exclusive” premium items? 500 cards for leveling up?

Just judging by the trajectory of your first 10 “tiers” and what you listed that we gain, this pass will be worths many $100s… I don’t think ALL of this should be 500 tokens ($10). Maybe $250 or more, depending on what else you put in.

…Also not a fan of gifting this at present with all the hackers in game, as well as gifting in general. Maybe you can make something like this start at $10, but you’d have to pay to keep unlocking every X tiers or so, etc.

If it was $250 I don’t think allot players would buy it

Might sound unreasonable, but probably worth it. Would be interesting for someone to convert OP’s post (when he’s done) to token/$ value.

Either make the battlepass free, then put out a premium pass with rewards that can be bought, or just make one pass where the free pass stops at level 50 or something. Then to unlock level 51-100, you have to pay.

If the free pass cost 500 tokens ($10), the total value shouldn’t exceed the cost by more than 5 times ($50), or that would be too high, like clever said.

But all of this can wait until Gato Games finished fixing SM first.

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could pls not come with an dirty battle pass it will break the game even more

I read the first paragraph and I had to shrivel my face up

We don’t need such things in a simple flash game