The Paragon of Mech Types

Heaters counter energizers since most energizers have less heat than normal.

Energizers counter physicals because physicals tend to lack energy and most good physical weapons require some energy.

Physicals counter heaters because they easily do twice the damage of the heater in one turn, and they also have an abundance of heat.

Basically, there’s no one mech type that rules over all, so no mech type is “overpowered”.


It has ALWAYS been this way. I have wanted to type these same words about a thousand times on every ------ is OP thread

I was always thinking about that in my mind.
Lol ok…nice topic tho.

That’s why balance is so important . If you can build a mech that wins against all types the majority of your fights then you have something special.

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you got it wrong buddy… it’s:
energy beats heat
heat beats phy
and phy beats energy

so then phy would place phy 2nd energy 1st 3rd heat

I’m going to link to this thread every time someone says one type is op :joy:


energy mechs with the claw are op

I can’t wait til Rising pops up with a build involving claw. Then this will be true.

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I agree with @HunterKnight

You got it the wrong way round

why thank you sir uwu
and the reason for this is:

ENERGY beats heat because most needed heat weapons require energy, and the hp is not as strong as the phy hp getting more damage

HEAT beats phy because phy can’t attack when they’re shut down, while they can still attack when drained (with the right weapons) and if you haven’t noticed most phy mechs make their heat cap a priority because of this problem

PHY beats energy because energy mechs deal around the same damage as phy mechs so basically it’s a phy vs phy fight, with their high hp they can take some nice drain damage while still being able to deal tons of damage (dual anni builds) that’s why most phy build dont focus on energy


Let’s see if @Mr.E will agree with you


Heat beats phys? Lol I’m a phys and heat mechs are my daily breakfast.


NOPE, that is where anti(blank) builds come in.

PHYSICAL- Many top ranks have anti heat and anti energy phys mechs.
For no use of energy,and anti heat, they use avenger,the claw(or rolling beasts,since once energy broken they will have to get into range),4 plates and 4 heat engines,dual annihilations, and a heat drone(usually clash,since it dont need energy).Combine this with hook, charge, and even teleport,you will still be under the weight limit. This mechs hp will be at least 2600, without the platplats. But this is usually used for low high ranks(9-4, most commonly)

lordgorgon is an exceptional anti(blank) phys builder. For anti energy again, one can use windigo/brutality, the claw, mercy,nightfall,spartan OR backbreaker, dual nightfall, and appropriate module set up. Easily over 2.2k hp, and around 600 energy with over 270 regen,
FOR an anti heat, just use zarkares, and you are done. Almost ame stats ans the enrgy build mentioned above

HEAT- Most boiler builds(using weapons like corrupt light and savagery is a risk in top ranks.This is because they cause barely 200 damage,and need energy to fire.SO
Most heat builds are damage based, and may heat weapons are present which do not need energy(magma blast, sorrow,reckoning,desolation)(MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR MURDER), and usually have just under 2k hp, with lots of cooling and heat cap,and minimal energy cap.

ENERGY- A LOT of set ups can be made here, I wont mention all. The thing is that energy vs energy have around 700 energy, 300 regen, and minimal heat.Once drained, a simple malice beam will do over 400 damage, and the drone(faceshoker) will do around 300.For energy vs heat, they have decent heat cap(SEE DAMAGE HEAT BUILD ABOVE), and actually minimal energy cap(since heat wont drain energy.ALSO, drainers can feast on such heat mechs, doing easily 800+ damage per turn.

Do you still think that all are evenly balanced?



guys it goes like this top is the greater and bottom the least greatest
40 PM
47 PM
54 PM
i used my goat mech

Well it all depends on what the mech is built for. Counter building is now essential in top ranks, more especially R1. I have a phys that can handle heat and energy and phys. One that can handle phys and energy, and one energy-free heat mech that can handle energy and heat.

The wins come down to picking the right mech line up now. It’s a 50/50 situation, and also having to know every enemy in R1, how they think and their builds is also key. It is this luck factor alone that accounts for most losses with top players. Just how it is at the moment. All round OP builds are a bit impossible now.


Actually Id say that this rock paper scissors changes per mech depending on cooling regen and caps. Your mech will have an easier time against some types and a harder time against others. However for you to say that there’s never an edge for a certain type due to the mechanics of the game and current meta weapons would be incorrect. OP might not be the correct phrase for a game as complex as this, but rather strong is really not out of place.

Close to none in top 10…

“Paragon build” is 10% related to type orientation, 20% related to weaponry quality and 70% related to module set up and quality… (claw with its crazy stats enters the module set up and quality category)

What are its weakness(es) then ? O-o