The Paradox of this game


It seems that when you don’t want an item, you always get it, but when you want an item, you never get it.

I used to get last word drops like crazy, but now that I finally need one I haven’t gotten a single one.

Same with heat and energy engines…


Well. If that’s the case, I don’t want a platinum Plate or claw.


Well, when i was getting hysteria like crazy i sarted to complain about it, now that i really want its drop are on the same chance of a legendary appear…


i dont want a n y t h i n g


For me right now, I don’t care. I just want something that upgrades to myth.




I certainly dont want 3 falcon snipers.


Why the hell would you need three?


Because of reasons. But ill start with one, this shet needs to be tested…


Yeah, and I don’t want second VS, don’t want LS and many other energy weps I don’t want them because I want them


I don’t want Valiant Snipers, Sparked Runners, Bunker Shells, Energy Engines, Heat Engines, Mercy, Heat Storage Unit, Energy Storage Unit, Platinum Plates, All Mythical Protectors, and an Epic Typhoon.

… The Typhoon is just for reassurance.


Tell me the reason. I can do. I am intrigued. Let me know. Quick. What is it.


I think that i don’t need platinum.


after all this consideration a question popped into my mind…
do we need this game at all?
like @Misfit stated, do we want to spend our youth in front of the screen, or do we want to go out to socialize (face to face) with our friends, have a coupe of coffe (or a couple of beer) and have a good time?

(it does not apply to me though i am retired…:-)…)


I’m not young, or even a youth. Also I have my limits.

Boy oh boy I even have my grilling with da’ boys every Saturday or so, gotta’ crack em’ cold ones y’know?


No, we don’t need this game… which is why I dont play it 24/7


yaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss beckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (but i get good stuff that i dont want)


tryna trick the system, eh?