The Open Test of Floor Pads is now Live!

Greetings, Pilots!

We are glad to announce that the open testing of the new mechanic called “Floor Pads” will take place this weekend.

This test is only available for players in a custom battle. Here is an instruction of how to access it:

  1. Enter Arena chat
  2. Tell everyone that you are looking for a competitor or invite a player from the chat.

2a. (Another way to do it) If you know the nickname or the in-game ID of the player, you can invite him via search option. He/She will need to accept your invitation via the chat.

The tests will go from the current moment and up to the next Monday midday.


Thank you a lot, so it is still a thing the Floor Pads, not like some wrote, it is canceled completly :exclamation:

Time to test it :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:


Are all “privat battles” with Floor Pads or just a certain % of them :interrobang:



Invite battles will not count towards arena points correct ? Will it be available to all players ?

Right. They are not count AP.

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it is not working everytime, against Azpald we have no floorpads :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

So, would you disclose what kind of feedbacks youre exoecting?
What are the point of concern for the team etc?

First “feedback” …

  • do Floor Pads really “work” about the current state of the game with counter building :interrobang:


I mean, if you have wrong mech row, it is still wrong mech row :exclamation:
So in my first very fresh opinion, Floor Pads and 2v2 with choosing screen do not really fit together :exclamation:


Other question to @Smirk

are they only at 1v1 to test :interrobang:

(couldn’t find any at 2v2)

Yes. For now only 1v1.


just played 2v2 with flor pads


2nd test

-50 res, interesting battle

3rd test, it adds finally some FUN to the battles :exclamation:




The position & type of the floor pads are randomized. One of the options is that there will be no floor pads. So some of the matches will not have floor pads.


And if with Floor Pads only maximal 2 … 1 on each side :interrobang:
(saw such a situation in around 9 battles)


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Yes, there will only be one on each side. That was mentioned in the closed beta thread.


Surprisingly I’ve only seen the floor pads once in 8 battles, although it was nice to see my electrical resistance go up to 160 something

Ok …

my preliminary feedback after testing it for some battles …

  • +100 HP could be +150 HP/+200 HP

… a move to such a Pad (with only +100 HP) make no sense, because of 2 reasons …

  • even utilities (Hook, Charge) do more damage, no need to talk about the damage of weapons and drones

  • if you think for using it for a “last safe”, most battles end with more than -100 HP :exclamation:

  • +50 Restistance / -50 Restistance

Well choosen numbers, it add some FUN to the battles :exclamation:

Under the line (so far) …

  • well choosen numbers, in no way OP, choosen with sensitiveness :exclamation:

  • the Resistance Pads add some FUN to the battles :+1:t3: :exclamation:

  • well choosen “mechanics” (in no way OP) with maximal 1 Pad on each side, and both are the same all the time :exclamation:

… the Floor Pads can be added, without any concerns :exclamation:

Suggestion …

  • increase the +HP Floor Pad to +150 HP or +200 HP :exclamation:

I hope this feedback helps :exclamation:



Hmm. Interesting.
Until now, only some battles tested.
They seam to favor static strongholds, with utilities… since nobody would waste a move instead of dealing 300-400 dmg.

  1. And seam to punish control mechs… specialy the burning shower builds.
  2. Also it helps the closequarters types(huggers), since most have all utilities, and a simple charge lands them on a pad, right in the face of the oponent. Basicly now the use of an utility(gap closing one), for a hugger is a double win situation.
    Will continue the testing.

I only saw 3 different pads in different battles. Resistance +/-50 and HP 100 regen. I was looking for a test in 50% physical Damage. I think I remember that one. I did more than 20 battles.

I agree, I don’t think 100 HP is worth it to maneuver onto the pads for a turn.


Those were the ones chosen to be tested ^^

This pad existed only during Legacy…

If it came out today, it would have been a general increase in Direct damage ^^

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jejeje xd