The Op Matchmaking


I think the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 are way too Op because I’m only in rank 14 and my opponent is in rank 12?
I think you should change the matchmaking stuffs to get better cause it’s too Op for us low rankings how can we get higher?!

Paradox of Arena

By upgrading and maxing out your gear. And working on tactics???

How else would you ever progress if you didn’t build correctly and use good tactics. Comon mate.


But Its still unfair though…


The best way is to improve your mech and have different types of mech for different types of enemies

It’s a bit slow to do that but it’s worth it since it’s easier to win


you need to have a 2nd mech by the way… ranks above 14 (i dont remember what rank actually) have to fight 2v2 forcefully, no more 1v1 and there is no 3v3 (1v1 and 3v3 are just available in chat fights)


It’s not where near unfair. Unless you’re being put against people 3-4 ranks above you. It’s really not fair, and if you can’t go beyond rank 14. Then you need to upgrade your mechs and use different tactics.


Okay, thanks for the advice though,


I’m rank 7 and I Fought and won against a rank 6 And a rank 5, Work on tactics and max out gears and you’ll probably have a chance