The old lost acc union

Ello. It’s ya shadow vag.And now i have prepared something…AN UNION that everyone is welcome for those who lost old acc…If you want to join…then confurm that you lost an old acc…then you are welcome. In here you will talk about old stuff(before reloaded)That’s all…Oh and about your old acc

  • I accept that i lost my acc
  • i did not lose it…
  • I dont want to get in

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Why did i create this? Because i saw that almost everyone lost an acc.

I will message you all…but first let me see what everyone say’s.

I am not joining the idiot club, sorry

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How dare you?
We lost amount of acc’s!
But ok you said no
(you should say that you dont want to get in)

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Lost one due to stupid facebook then made another than reached level 150 yesterday.
I left a message for @Sarah247 asking if she could improve the security of my current account (convert it so I don’t lose it again,this one is special to me and I don’t want my work and money to go to waste again).

You too?
Jesus fuqing hell facebook…

How am I supposed to call someone who lost account on one site and that person lost second one same as first one, don’t use facebook

Im pretty sure you dont respect idiots.

I made a 4rd acc (i made it cus 3rd is broken.)

I got allredy anhilation and void.

Good to see that you don’t play on facebook now

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Look jesus sorry for being a jerk to you but…
I just retardadly doing a facebook just for not loging in…
Soo pals?
(like we dont start a litle retarded fight over there.)
Oh and why am im jerk because im so angry about losing it.

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The idiot that stole my super OP account long ago now have a huge pile of trash of 5000 items on it along with zero gold , im kinda happy about that lost acc at this point of time actually

How the hell did he stole your acc?

Account trading , back then i was a really really big fan of the super nova mechs im willed to do anything to have it

Are you kidding me?
If your acc is too op.Then why the hell you dont want it?

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It was a twin lava spray / axe mech , im getting too bored of it so i decided to trade it away with for energy mech of my dream , like mentioned above , it ended up horribly

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Sounds like my mech :confused:
Meh at least you are happy at your sec acc.