The Official Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread


heres the thing. considering the fact it would have decently high heat cost, it should have higher heat damage and capacity damage. but due to its power it should be l-m


Alright thats a good enough answer to read


No energy cost would trump heat burden


Leave that for next sm reload


what do you mean ???
If you said that i was lazy, you must know that your reply is annoying me


I was thinking a energy “Backstabber” would be called “Spinecracker.” Someone send me a pic of a blue “Backstabber” or their ideas of names and stats. (Thanks for the likes! ;> )


lets keep this topic alive shall we?


his first sprite is better than half of everything i’ve ever made, i’m passing my crown to @Deus_Ex_Machina, welcome.


:blush: May be tomorrow i will made something else.


Make Sandbox great again


Holy Smokes, @Deus_Ex_Machina, you are so good, Keep up the good work


image image image


it’s not that fat yeeee
and eyes


i don’t know why it’s so fat


cuz ur eyes are fat so everything u see is fat xd


It’s true :sob:


I think it’s a great sprite btw!


This made the Lolicon King happy.


Five nights at Ultron’s



herre ya go maen


five nights at freedies ?